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Events of importance, and the day of freeing our musical instruments from Customs...

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On 17 August 2001, Day 2 of the CYM World Zlet began very early for the sumivtsi, because mass started at 9:00 a.m. at Cathedral of Saint George, the seat of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Buses decorated with Zlet emblems drove us to the cathedral, which greeted us with scaffolding and its half-renovated exterior, but with a solemn and golden interior. The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Lubomyr Cardinal Husar, presided over the Divine Liturgy. The Patriarch greeted the sumivtsi warmly, because he has watched over our association for a long time. Thirty-two years ago, Cardinal Husar was chaplain of CYM's Ellenville, USA, summer camps.


We entered the House of God solemnly, the appropriate demeanor for the Divine Liturgy, in our uniforms and with our national and CYM-branch flags. The voices of the choir uplifted our souls, which were, therefore, deeply touched by the homily about the broadsword of God---a weapon made not of metal, but of moral example, stronger and heavier than steel itself. Proof of this are the lives of Patriarch Josef Slipyj and Ivan Myroslav Cardinal Lubachivskyj, to whose earthly remains we paid respect in the crypt beneath the cathedral.


Also attesting to the strength of moral example were the restored mohyly (barrows; graves) of the Ukrainian Halych Army infantry at the Lychakivs'k and Yaniv cemeteries---the tombs of young soldiers who bravely defended Ukraine's independence and laid down their lives for it. Communists plundered their graves, but could not vanquish the memory of these valiant fighters. The memory lives on among our people and in song:

    In the Yaniv cemetery,
    on the grave-mounds of the riflemen,
    on the plundered slabs,
    lie blue-yellow ribbons.

    And sprays of guelder-rose,
    as if Ukraine's blood,
    rise from the grave-mounds
    where the kozaks lie.

We lay flowers, red like spilled blood and white like infinity, on the graves of these heroes. The words of the hymn Vichnaya Pamyat' (remembrance always) resounded during the memorial service officiated by the Zlet chaplain, Father Inokentyj.


After lunch we participated in discussions on various themes: "Ukraine---my Homeland," "CYM as a worldwide organization," "Ukrainian culture today," and "CYMnet today and tomorrow." The dialogue was boisterous, as we discussed that which interested us as well as that which pained us. Among the topics raised were: communication between oseredky, between oseredky and National Executives, and between CYM in different countries; and which country is our bat'kivshchyna (homeland), and do we know her? To summarize, the sumivtsi from Europe were displeased that their CYM activities are often confined to individual oseredky. For the sumivtsi from Canada, especially the teenagers, the question of "homeland" laid heavily on their minds. They apply this designation to the country in which they were born and to the country of their ancestors. Nevertheless, for the older generation of sumivtsi in the diaspora, the answer was clear: our homeland is the place for which our soul yearns. In general, all that transpired is difficult to relate, but we can continue these topics not only at Zlet but on CYMnet -- at the Discussion Forum.

Concurrently with the discussion sessions, the heads of the CYM National Executives and Bohdan Ben, head of CYM within the Lviv Oblast, met with Volodymyr Herych, Vice President of the Lviv Oblast Administration. They discussed the issues of youth politics, activism of community organizations, and, naturally, the Ukrainian Youth Association.

We came to dinner quite happy, because the instruments of the CYM orchestra Trembita had finally arrived after their delay in customs (see Day 1). Lviv residents were soon equally aware of the arrival,  because an impromptu concert began. With applause, the sumivtsi and local passers-by thanked the young performers.

The day came to a close as we all attended an exhibit of Skovoroda's "Yurodyvyj" ("The Weak-Minded"), and the Oles' Yanchuk film "Neskorenyj" ("The Undefeated") about the life and times of UPA General Roman Shukhevych. Scenes from the film where Ukrainian soldiers from the Nachtigal battalion stood at mass in Cathedral of Saint George called up an instant association with our morning Liturgy. As the film ended, a sumivets proposed "Let's reflect on this!", and thus ended our Day 2---with serious reflection.

Lviv: [ Opening Ceremonies  |  Day 1 Photos  |  Day 2  |  Day 3  ]
On the road: [ Days 3 & 4 (Kalush)  |  Day 5 Photos  ]
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