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This site in Ukrainian CYMnet Awards and Honors

The Excellence in Design Award ( January 21, 2002 )

In January 2002, CYMnet was awarded the Excellence in Design Award for a site "outstanding in design and navigation, with excellent content. A very fine contribution to the WWW."

The Medaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence ( June 4, 2000 )

Web Sites qualify for the Medaille d'Or on the basis of a range of criteria. Does it instantly impress; and does it seem to convey an enthusiasm for its subject? But we also ask ourselves whether the site is both usable and useful. Are download times reasonable? Is the site kept reasonably up to date? Is navigation straightforward and intuitive? Does the content make the site worth exploring? Is it attractive? Is it fun?

7Rings Aesthetics Award ( August 20, 1999 )

"This award has been ranked a 4.5 out of a 5.0 ranking with Focus Web Awards where you will find only the best awards on the net! We found it to be in the top 10% in design, aesthetics and navigation. Your hard work is certainly on display and your technical skill is evident. You are also providing a wonderful resource for the Internet community while keeping the aesthetics of your site well intact."

Design's Eye Masterpiece Award ( June 9, 1999 )
The purpose of the Design's Eye Masterpiece Award is to recognize personal and nonprofit sites displaying excellence in design. When a site is visually pleasing and easy to navigate, it makes your visit much more pleasurable, regardless the content.

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