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Welcome to the website of the Ukrainian Youth Association of Australia!
31st January 2011
National Leadership Course

The future lies with us and we will only get out what we put in.
The time has come to continue the work of CYM and to keep spreading the word about the significance and value of our organisation and the Ukrainian spirit – not just in Australia but around the world. More

CYM Australia Photo Gallery:
Photo Gallery

12th October 2011
New National Executive Elected!

The 22nd Conference of the Ukrainian Youth Association of Australia has concluded with the election of a relatively young National Executive to continue its work for the challenges in the upcoming three year period.
Delegates representing six of its eight branches in Australia reviewed the activities of the previous National Executive, and provided praise for its effective three year term, before electing a new Executive to be chaired by Dr Stephen Duma. More

30th May 2011
Sumenyata Get a New Uniform!

For many years sumenyata in each country have worn varying uniforms; we are proud to announce that CYM has standardized on a single uniform for sumenyata around the world, effective immediately. Check out the look of the new uniform and contact your National Executive for information on how to order one today! More

View the photos from the event in the:
Krajova Uprava Photo Gallery

30th May 2011
CYM World Congress 2011

CYM held its World Congress in Palatine, USA in May, 2011. The World Congress takes place once every five years, and elects a new World Executive. Take a look at our resolutions, photos from the Congress, and much, much more! More

30th May 2011
CYM's International Vykhovnyk Conference in Palatine

CYM's International Vykhovnyk Conference took place in the days preceding the CYM World Congress, on 7-8 May in Palatine, USA. Participants in the Conference were CYM members from Australia, Canada, Germany, Ukraine and the United States of America. More

20th May 2011
Best Snow Season Predicted in Years!

Its Official! This year's snow season is set to be one of the best in years! With heavy snow already fallen on the Perisher slopes, it time for you to get your registration forms in for this year's National Druzhynnyk's Snow Getaway being held from 29 July to 1 August.

The Snow Trip Team has been able to get their hands on some amazing deals for the trip, with all breakfasts included and an amazing cook-your-own-steak dinner. Plus great deals on accommodation and lift tickets too.

For more information:

See you on the slopes!

17th July 2011
Druzhynnyky in Australia release ski trip information

The National Druzhynnyk's committee has once again shown the world they are on the forefront of keeping Ukrainian youth alive in their country. Releasing today its national event, the National Druzhynnyk's Getaway, being held in the Mt Kosciuszko National Park ski resort of Perisher. The team has been able to organise some great deals for both those who are interested in hitting the slopes, as well as those individuals who are looking for a relaxing weekend away with the possibility of trying some vinyards and macrobrewerys.
All Druzhynnyky, family and friends are invited to this event. Stay tuned for more information coming daily.

Take a look at the snow trip website on:

20th April, 2011
Happy Easter

The National Executive would like to wish the entire Ukrainian Community a very happy Easter. May this time bring many joyous memories. Please read the official greeting below. More

25th January, 2011
CYM Holds First Summer Camp in New Zealand!

As CYM begins to establish chapters in New Zealand, a group of nearly 40 future CYM members attended a CYM summer cam for the very fist time near Aukland, on New Zealand's northern island. CYM members around the world welcome our new druzi to our organization! More

8th December, 2010
Canberra/Queanbeyan Holds it's AGM
On the 8th of December, 2010 the CYM Branch of Canberra/Queanbeyan held its Annual General Meeting. This evening showed how much Canberra/Queanbeyan has done over the past few years not only on a local level, but also Nationally. The AGM also was a chance for a change in the Uprava for the next year. More

5th July, 2010
National Celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Youth Association Of Australia
The Ukrainian Youth Association’s (CYM) slogan for 2010, “To be alive is to search and dream”, (words of Vasyl Symonenko), provided the background for the celebrations on the weekend of 12-13 June 2010 of CYM Australia’s 12th National Gathering (Zdvyh), to simultaneously celebrate the 85th Anniversary founding of CYM in Ukraine, the 80th anniversary of the legal processes in Charkiv against the founders of CYM and SVU (Spilka Vyzvolennia Ukrainy), the 60th anniversary of the founding of CYM in Australia, and the 45th anniversary of the first all-Australian Zdvyh, held in Melbourne in 1965. More

View the photos from the event in the:
Krajova Uprava Photo Gallery

5th July, 2010
CYM Newcastle – takes up the challenge to retain identity through heritage…
On a sunny winter’s day, old and new friends of the Ukrainian community in Newcastle gathered together to take up the challenge to maintain their identity through their tradition and heritage. Over the years, the number of young people in Newcastle who are associated with the community has unfortunately diminished and, although CYM is still active, it has been disappointing to see many members slip away. In an attempt to rejuvenate CYM in Newcastle, a lunch was held on June 27 at the Ethnic Communities Council of Newcastle’s community hall. It was pleasing to see so many people come along to catch up with old friends, meet new people, share a delicious lunch and renew their CYM memberships. More

28th June, 2010
An Appeal regarding Honorary (Life) Members of CYM Australia…
The National Executive of CYM Australia is preparing an Honour Board to commemorate the 60th anniversary of CYM in Australia.
An integral part of the Honour Board is to include all members who have been awarded the title of Honorary (Life) Members at the 21 National Conventions held over the course of the six decades.
The National Executive wishes to ensure that the data it has available is accurate and therefore, we seek your assistance in confirming the information gathered. Please note that in CYM there are 3 categories of Honorary (Life) Membership. More

19th June, 2010
National Workshop of CYM Educators & Trainers
In recent times many Ukrainians have become simply disillusioned with the political situation in Ukraine. It is therefore necessary to educate and train new community leaders in respect of the current events. More

View the photos from the event in the:
Krajova Uprava Photo Gallery

30th April, 2010
Newcastle Branch – let’s rejuvenate…
As part of its ongoing programme of branch visitations, the National Executive of the UYAA, through its’ General Secreatry (Slavko Duma) paid a visit to the Newcastle Branch (patron Symon Petlura) on Friday, 30 April. More

29th April, 2010
The Vatra is still burning...
The National Executive of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Australia has included as part of its’ Strategic plan for the years 2008 – 2011, the need to visit all oseredky throughout Australia, with a view to enhancing their activities or where may be necessary, to rejuvenate some activity amongst membership. More

View the photos from the event in the:
Krajova Uprava Photo Gallery

23rd April, 2010
CYM Australia Promotional Video

18th April, 2010
KY CYM Australia Visit New Zealand
April saw the National Executive visit our neighbours in New Zealand. In an attempt to begin a Ukrainian Youth Association accross the Tasman and rejuvinate the Ukrainian youth, the KY caught up with locals to achieve this goal... More

View the photos from the event in the:
Krajova Uprava Photo Gallery

16th April, 2010
Ratnyky from Oz go White Water Rafting
On Sunday, 11th April 2010, thirteen druzhynyky and 1 senjor got together at the Penrith Whitewater Rafting Stadium.
Everyone arrived with keen and eager faces to make the water look foolish. Upon putting on safety vests and helmets, the crew was briefed and ready to hit the water! The course they were destined to challenge is a combination of man-made and natural materials, to create the characteristics of a natural white water river. More

Take a look at the VIDEO from the event!

View the photos from the event in the:
Krajova Uprava Photo Gallery

12th April, 2010
National Executive members participate in traditional Easter services at 5 branches.
Members of the National Executive, together with branch members, participated in the various traditional Easter services on Good Friday and Easter Saturday in 5 branches throughout Australia.
In what has been a decades long tradition for CYM in Australia, in almost all parishes where CYM has a branch, yunatstvo and druzhynnyky maintain a vigil over the sepulcher of Jesus (Plastchanytsia) on Good Friday, and concluding with the Easter Saturday service prior to the blessing of Easter Baskets.
This year, members of the National Executive participated in maintaining vigils in Canberra-Queanbeyan, Geelong, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

View the photos from the event in the:
Krajova Uprava Photo Gallery

2nd April, 2010
Happy Easter

The National Executive would like to wish the entire Ukrainian Community a very happy Easter. May this time bring many joyous memories. Please read the official greeting below. More

16 March 2010
Krajova Uprava take part in 60 years celebrations in Sydney

The National Executive joined in with the oseredok of Sydney to celebreate the commencement of 60 years since their establishment of CYM. The weekend was a great time for members of the oseredok to approach members of the KY and ask them any querstions they may have about things coming up in CYM as well as helping to get to know one another. Take a look at the article written by one of our members. More

CYM Talk
Stepan Duma

Recently CYM's Druzhynnyky have begun to experience a rebirth in their activities. Much of this is thanks to Stepan Duma of Australia, who began to organize druzhynnyky a few years ago worldwide. Read our interview with Stepan! More

6th December, 2009
Svyato Myhayila – Oselya ‘Hoverlia’ – Sydney

Sunday 6a.m. on 6th December 2009, group of our CYM members together with the Ukrainian Consul, Mykola Dzhydzhora and Yurj Yevsevsky from the Ukrainian Embassy left Canberra to celebrate the Feast of the Patron of CYM, the Archangel Michael, with our sister Oseredok in Sydney.

Arriving at oselya ‘Hoverlia’ we recalled previous visits when we participated in CYM tabory (summer camps). We were especially delighted to renew friendships with our Sydney CYM family.

View the photos from the event in the:
Krajova Uprava Photo Gallery

26th November, 2009
Honouring Stepan Bandera – Leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists

Fifty years have passed since Ukrainians in the Diaspora received the solemn and tragic news that the Leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists was no longer with us. More

14th November, 2009
National Camp 09-10

The National Executive of the Ukrainian Youth Association of Australia would like to inform its members that there will be a National Camp held at the end of this year in Sydney. This tabir will be a chance to unwind and enjoy the company of other Ukrainians in Australia as well as to mark... More

25th September, 2009
CYM Perth Elects new Executive

CYM Perth held its Annual General Meeting last Sunday 13th September. The meeting was opened by outgoing President Erica Konderewicz, who welcomed everyone, and invited Parish Priest, Fr Wally Kalinecki, The President of CYM Australia (& CYM Melbourne), Peter Duma, and the Vice President of Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations to the Honorary Presidium. To chair the meeting, the meeting unanimously endorsed Stefan Petrowsky. More

12th September, 2009
Stepan Bandera visits Sydney

On the evening of 12 September, 2009, a youth gathering was held with Stepan Bandera, at the Ukrainian Youth Hall in Sydney. Over 30 people attended the gathering, with the majority being active members of the Ukrainian Youth Association (UYA) or Plast. More

27th July, 2009
Newly Eelected Head of OUN - Stefan Romaniw O.A.M

The National Executive of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Australia would like to congratulate the newly elected head of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), Stefan Romaniw O.A.M. We wish the the very best of luck in his continuing hard work in rebuliding the independence of our Ukrainian nation. More

27th July, 2009
OUN Head Visits CYM Camp

On Sunday, 26 July, Stepan Romaniw, newly elected head of the Organizaiton of Ukrainian Nationalists, and Andreas Hajdamacha, head of the General Council of OUN, visited CYM Ukraine's Vyshkil camp, names "Enchanted Desna" in the Chernihiv oblast. More

21st June, 2009
Sviato Heroiv Queanbeyan NSW

Since the formation of CYM in Queanbeyan over 51 years ago, our providnyky and parents understood the need to give honour to and commemorate the deeds of the heroes of our homeland, Ukraine. To honour these heroes, our Oseredok has taken an active part in these commemorations and especially Cvato Heroiv.
In 2009, Cvato Heroiv had a special significance, as we honoured the memory and deeds of an important Son of Ukraine, Stepan Bandera. The year 2009, commemorates 100 years since the birth of Stepan Bandera and 50 years since his death and 80 years since the formation of OUN.
On Sunday, 21 June 2009 the Ukrainian Hromada Queanbeyan with the assistance of CYM Canberra-Queanbeyan, Plast, Soyz Ukrainok and Ukrainian Kozaky organised Cvato Heroiv in memory of Stepan Bandera. More
View the photos from the event in the:
Krajova Uprava Photo Gallery

10th - 12th April, 2009
Australia Krajovyj Leadership Training Forum – Perth

From Friday the 11th of April to Sunday the 13th of April, the 2009 CYM Australia Leadership Training Forum was held in Perth, Western Australia. This is the third leadership type forum following the one in Adelaide in 2007, Geelong 2008 and now Perth. The forum was run under the guidance of the National Executive of CYM Australia Druzhynnyk referentura. The aim of the forum was to provide potential future leaders with an understanding of key elements of CYM, understand to what leadership is and entails, community structure, politics and own personal traits, to and help empower participants to make a difference in their community and take on the challenge of leading CYM and Ukrainian organisations into the future. More
View the photos from the event in the:
Krajova Uprava Photo Gallery

National Conference of Vychovnyky & Bulavni in Canberra

On the weekend of 23/24 May 2009, 22 vychovnyky from all over Australia met in Canberra to learn about being a vychovnyk. We discussed the basics of vychovannia, our vychovna prohrama, discipline, engagement of our yunatstvo and the abundance of materials that we can access on CYM net. All vychovnyky worked together to create new and innovative programmes based on our pravylnyk that will work on engaging our yunatstvo and making CYMivski schodyny more fun and creative.

Help Rebuild Australia's Karpaty

Come and join us in a great afternoon of entertainment and reminiscing. Some great seats are still available..
Sunday May 3, Clock Tower Centre - Moonee Ponds
Includes a great photo exhibition from 1.00pm . Concert starts at 2.00pm

Book TODAY !!! at

National Conference for Vychovnyky and Bulavni

KY CYM is holding a National Conference for Vychovnyky & Bulavnych to be held in Canberra, on Saturday, 23 May 2009, at the Ukrainian Catholic Centre in Lyneham. The conference will encompass a training module for potential and/or new vychovnyky as well as a refresher element for experienced vychovnyky...

Notice of Special General Meeting

The National Executive of the Ukrainian Youth Association of Australia wish to advise that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association shall be held in Melbourne on Saturday, 6 June 2009. The time and place of the meeting shall be provided shortly – it is anticipated that it shall be held in the same place as will be proposed to hold the National Convention of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations.

Krajova Uprava Planning Session

The Krajova Uprava used the 'Chervona Ruta' Zabava weekend in Melbourne as a chance to get together to hold its first face to face planning session. It gave each section of the uprava a chance to discuss their plans and goals over the next few years as well as the uprava to review its strategic plan. Issues discussed included the Krajovyj Zjizd, Durzhynnyk's Forums as well as looking at a range of exciting plans to rejuvinate CYM in Australia.

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