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These days marks the 40 days, as passed away approx. Memory. Vasyl Markus. Ukrainians of the world mentioned Professor Markus primarily as an outstanding scholar, because in the first few decades after World War II could distinguish two doctorates who zdobuvalysya as Philosophy Department at the Ukrainian Free University (Munich), and in studies of political science at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and Law at Sorbonne (Paris).

Short biography of Professor, anyone can read on Wikipedia - -Маркусь_Василь_Васильович, and that's about it, not only CYM life-More

"Songs of my Homeland"

November 8 was published CD member of the CYM in Germany,
deacon and singer cathedral Church of the Holy Virgin and St. Andrew in Munich, Andrew Nesmachny.


New Druzhynnyk Bulletin
CY CYM Meeting – December 3-4 2011 – Toronto, Canada
Світова Управа СУМ
CYM's Svitova Uprava held a meeting on December 3-4 2011 in Toronto Canada,
where a number of important topics were considered regarding the evolution of CYM.
Stay tuned for more information on a range of topics from Svitova Uprava, and check out the news they have to share today! More
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