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How can I Ukrainianize my Computer?

  • Want to read and write using Ukrainiant fonts on your personal computer?
  • Need to email your friends or relatives in Ukraine?
  • Found a neat Web page in Ukrainian, but it doesn't show up correctly on your monitor?
  • To help you set up your computer do do everything you want in Ukrainian, we've written a set of instructions, titled
    The CYM Guide to Installing and Using Ukrainian Fonts.
  • It's absolutely simple to do! To get started, you need not purchase or download anything - just use the Ukrainian fonts that come with every copy of Microsoft Windows
  • Then, when you're ready for some fancier fonts, get them here. Read on...

About our Ukrainian Fonts

  • CYMnet brings you forty one (yes, 41!) Ukrainian fonts for your PC! Through the generosity of Posada Fonts & Graphics, sumivtsi can take advantage of this free offer of fonts for use in your CYM projects. Each font contains both Ukrainian (Cyrillic) and Englsh (Latin) letters. Whether you need plain or fancy fonts, block letter or script, we've got them all.
  • The fonts which CYMnet offers to sumivtsi were designed by Halya Hren and her company Posada Fonts & Graphics.
  • Re-encoding of the individual fonts to comply with current computer standards for Cyrillic text was done by Andriy Bihun and the CYMnet gang.

How much do they cost?

  • Nothing! Due to the generosity of Halya Hren and Posada Fonts & Graphics, CYMnet is able to make these fonts available to CYM members free of cost.
  • However... you may not distribute them, sell them, or otherwise earn a profit from them.
  • However... they may only be used by sumivtsi for CYM-related work.
  • We applaud the generosity of Posada Fonts & Graphics for sharing these fonts with us and extend our warm thanks in the name of sumivtsi everywhere!

How do I install the fonts?

  1. Download the fonts on our downloads page. You may either download individual fonts or downlaod the complete package of all 41 fonts in one file. Create a directory on your PC, download the ZIP file containing the fonts, then un-ZIP them (using a utility like WinZIP).
  2. To install the fonts, open Control Panel from your Start menu, then Fonts. In the File menu, find Install New Font - then point it to the directory where you downloaded your fonts. Click on Select All, then OK.
  3. These fonts are Truetype (.TTF) fonts, and contain both widely used Cyrillic encoding standards - CP1251 and Unicode. That is, they fully conform to encoding standards used by Microsoft Windows® and many other operating systems.

How do I use them?

  1. The Ukrainian fonts may be used in most editors, word processors and drawing programs for Windows (though, there are a few known programs which don't seem to support other languages very well - or at all; for example, we had trouble getting JASC Photo Paint to accept any Ukrainian fonts...).
  2. If your system isn't already set up to type in Ukrainian, you'll need a keyboard driver with which you can easily switch between typing in Ukrainian and, say, English. Installing this driver takes less than two minutes on most machines! Read our article The CYM Guide to Installing and Using Ukrainian Fonts for details on how to do this.


  This site in Ukrainian

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