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Ukrainian Youth Association
of Australia
National Camp
23 December 2006 - 2 January 2007
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Camp Policy

Camp policies have been set by the UYA National Executive to ensure a safe and enjoyable camp for all participants.


In accordance with our Duty of Care policy, ALL THOSE HOLDING VALID DRIVER'S LICENCES will be required to be on a Designated Driver Roster during camp. This roster will be chosen randomly, but fairly. It is also foreseen that those who are designated drivers on any given night will also be on guard duty (stijka) at some point that night. Designated drivers cannot have any alcoholic beverage from 8 hours prior, until the completion of their shift.

All drivers will be required to provide vehicle registration details and hand in their car keys upon entering camp, for registration with komanda. Note that gates will be opened and closed at the discretion of komanda.

New Year's Eve

No person will be allowed to enter camp for New Year's Eve celebrations unless:

  • They have participated in the full camp program; OR
  • They are the parent of a child who is participating in the camp program; OR
  • They have taken part in the majority of the camp program, including the official opening on 24 December, and have lodged their intention and received permission from the komanda prior to 31 December.
  • Camp gates WILL close at 7:30pm on 31 December 2006, and all guests not meeting the above requirements will be asked to leave the campgrounds.

      This site in Ukrainian

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