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National Webmaster's Conference

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Press Release 1

Representatives of CYM branches in Perth, Geelong, Melbourne and Sydney participated in the Australian CYMnet Webmasters Conference, held at oselya "Hoverlya" on the Colo River, NSW, from 23-24 December, 2002.

After a somewhat thunderous beginning, caused by a fierce electrical storm over the area and a resultant blackout for some 20 hours, the conference managed to get underway with a 5 hour delay.

The participants work-shopped sites for their branches and/or for individual hurtky (dance ensembles, etc) within their local branches. During the two days, the participants learnt how to create webpages using tools provided by CYM, and also how to maintain them with the use of some basic HTML. They also learnt how to design graphics and how to optimise them for internet use.

Two of the branches participating, Geelong and Melbourne, have now added their sites to the list of local Australian branches on the web. Other sites will join them shortly.

The organisers of the conference would like to thank all who participated, as well as all who helped make the conference a success. We would especially like to thank the sponsors of the conference because without them, the conference could not have taken place. Click here to view the sponsors...

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