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National Webmaster's Conference

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The main aim of the first national webmasters conference is for a number of enthusiastic members from around Australia, to gather at one place and to create a webpage for their branch. We hope that at least one member of every branch will attend this conference and become branch webmasters.

To be a CYMnet webmaster, you must create and maintain a webpage on the CYM server (one of the many things you will learn at the conference). On this webpage, you must write about current news and events occuring in your branch, and also keep the members of your branch informed of these events.

Conference participants should be members of CYM. All yunatstvo must have the permission of their parents or legal guardian to attend the conference. Also, all yunatstvo must be accompanied by a parent or their vychovnyk.

The organisers of the conference ask all participants to approach their branch leaders for articles, photos and details of upcoming events. It is asked that the participants then bring this information to the conference so that they may create a website during the conference.

Participants may create websites not only for their branches, but also for their dancing, singing, or any CYM related group.

There will also be workshops and discussions on these, and other, topics:

  • How can we improve CYMnet?
  • Have you any ideas of projects that can benefit CYM?
  • How can we improve CYMnet conferences? Are there any topics you would like to see added or removed from future programs?

We are also looking at the possibility of creating a national CYMnet committee. This committee would comprise of:
  • President (National Representative)
  • Webmaster
  • Graphics Designer
  • News Editor
  • Translator

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