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National Camp "Raid UPA" Photos

Friday, 28 December, 2001

Our sponsor: Karpaty

Our sponsor: Karpaty Ukrainian Credit Union Limited

Our sponsor: Dnister

Our sponsor: Dnister Ukrainian Credit Union

Preparations for Aksiya Chornyj Lis

Starshe Yunatstvo and Druzhynnyky get ready for Aksiya Chornyj Lis

Preparations for Aksiya Chornyj Lis

One group trying to get their packs organised

Preparations for Aksiya Chornyj Lis

Finally after getting their packs done, they say a prayer before leaving

Preparations for Aksiya Chornyj Lis

In the wee hours of the morning, they take off for two days of what will be their most physically challenging at tabir

Preparations for Aksiya Chornyj Lis

Off they go into the sunrise...

The leaders of tabir trying to read a map

Members of the komanda trying to figure out where half their tabir has gone!

Molodshe Yunatstvo have a hutirka

While half the tabir has gone, molodshe yunatstvo continues to learn!

Komandant Starshoho Yunatstva

The man all of Starshe Yunatstvo fell in love with: their komandant thanking God for Aksiya Chornyj Lis, as he gets to have a break from them for two days!

Molodshe Yunatstvo on their nightwalk

Molodshe Yunatstvo have their night walk, and look at the different constellations

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