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National Camp "Raid UPA" Photos

Saturday, 29 December, 2001

Molodshe Yunatstvo go canoeing

Molodshe Yunatstvo start off the day with some canoeing...

Molodshe Yunatstvo swim in the ozero

...and also some swimming

All the mothers prepare for Svyat Vechir

The mothers prepare the varennyky and holubtsi for Svyat Vechir

One of the groups marching back from Chornyj Lis

One of the three groups returning from Aksiya Chornyj Lis

Komanda Chornoho Lisu march back to ploscha

The Komanda of Chornyj Lis march back in time for molytva

The starshyj Yunak who came up with the idea of Chornyj Lis

In the forefront stands Andriy Duma, the Starshyj Yunak who came up with the whole concept of Aksiya Chornyj Lis

Holova KPS visits CYM tabir with a delegation of Plastuny

Holova KPS visits CYM tabir

The kuchari get ready to serve for Svyat Vechir

The cooks are getting ready to serve the hungry yunatstvo their food!

Svyat Vechir at our oselya 'Karpaty'

Svyat Vechir at our oselya "Karpaty"

Sumeniata perform at Svyat Vechir

Sumeniata perform for the whole of CYM tabir at Svyat Vechir

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