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This site in Ukrainian Olympic Zlet: Day 5 - Goodbye - 'till we meet next year in Ukraina

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Monday (Sept. 18) was the final day of the zlet and started off with everyone going to see men's baseball (Australia VS Korea). This was a nice way to wind down after a rather hectic weekend, especially since the sun had come out and the temperature was into the high twenties, low thirties (degrees Celsius, of course!). Australia won at the end of the day, but most of the CYMivtsi were still trying to understand the concept of the game (all except for the Canadian and Americans).

Zlet 2000 Day 5 Zlet 2000 Day 5

Later that evening, the closing of the zlet took place, where all zlet participants were given a badge (shown on the front page of the CYMnet website). Wasyl Senko thanked all the participants for an enjoyable 5 days, and Stefan Romaniw representing Krayova Uprava CYM Australia and Soyuz Ukrainskych Orhanisaciji v Avstraliji spoke of the positive relationships and life long friendships which tend to eminate from Svitovi zlety CYMy. A call for all participants to meet again at next years Zlet in Ukraina to celebrate the 10th anniversary of independence in Ukraina was positively received by all in attendance. Following this was dinner in the Ukrainian club and then a zabava to finish the zlet.

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Day: [1], [2], [3], [4], 5 | Summary | Comments

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