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This site in Ukrainian Olympic Zlet: Comments From Conference Participants

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It was one of the most fantastic weekends of our lives Ė to date. We made so many new friends, shared experiences and got a real taste of Olympic life. It was a blast!
(Melanie Moravski, Eva Kobas, Juliana Moravski)

The Olympics, what a place to be and what better people to be with than our international Ukrainian family. From tears when Ukraine marched out to shouts of U-kra-I-na on the streets, the Ukrainian spirit flowed freely and I donít think Sydney will ever be the same.
(Christina Moravski)

It was a really good Good experience; should happen every four years; more people would have made it better.

Good experience, been very pleasant. Should have more of these Zlety. Worthwhile. Good if there were more people. Exciting and good atmosphere. Olympic events were an unreal experience.

I think that people are superfriendly and very hospitable. They always made sure that we were having fun. I would like to keep in touch with them. Thanks!

I thought Zlet was a lot of fun. Met some great people to keep in contact with for a long time. I would have enjoyed it more if everyone in the Zlet would have been able to stay together, like in tabir rather than spread all over. Overall it was great!

Itís been good to catch up with fellow Ukrainians from over the world. Gain views on different cultures under the one common flag of Ukraine.

Really great to have lots of social time. However, we always seem to talk about the same things each time we meet. We should be making action plans instead of discussing the problems. Wonderful to get together again and meet even more new people.

The conference on Saturday was too short. The discussion was developing really well when it had to be cut due to the time limit.

After only a few hours at Lidcombe, I felt like I had known all of you guys forever. You have been so inviting and hospitable!!! Itís an amazing thing to be able to travel to the other side of the seemingly huge globe and find people who are part of our extended family. Family members who share our traditions, dreams, values and hopes. This has been an amazing experience and great time! It is hard work organising an event that has all of us together in this way and I would like to thank everyone who put such efforts in doing this for our community. I hope we will have a chance to repay everyone here. Cheers!!!

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Day: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] | Summary | Comments

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