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A Magical Fairytale Unfolds in Palatine

More than 400 Sumivtsi, parents and friends of the Dmytro Vitovsky Branch of SUM in Palatine, IL.,journeyed through the magical world of fairy princesses, gnomyky, rabbits, flowers and the evil wolf during the Oseredok's annual spring concert performed by their School of Ukrainian Dance April 21.

Concert Participants Comprised of more than 85 dancers, Palatine SUM's dance group has been presenting their spring concert for six years. This year, choreographers Adriana Striltschuk, Kalyna Wasiunec, Peter Osijchuk and Rostyslaw Zbotaniw created a mosaic of mystical forests and far away lands where the young dancers performed traditional and modern Ukrainian dances taking themes and characters from Ukrainian as well as non-Ukrainian fairytales.

The youngest dancers between the ages of 3 and 6 thrilled the audience with their portrayal of characters, including rabbits, girls picking flowers and woodchoppers, who encounter Little Red Riding Hood in the forest. An evil wolf lures 'Chervona Shapochka' into his clutches. Fortunately the little wood choppers save and day and chase the wolf back into the woods.

Seven of the youngest dancers also took on the role of the seven dwarfs. Dressed in sharavary, embroidered shirts, and silk caps the 'dwarfs' enchanted Snow White with a traditional hopachok.

The dance concert also included a duet 'Pan Kotsky and Lysychka Systrychka'; a modern dance based on the story of Pukavychka; a comical hutzul dance whose main dancer was Gnomyk Romtomtomyk; and the story of Goldilocks who falls asleep in the bears' cottage and dreams of dancing with hutzuly.

The concert climaxed when the oldest dancers presented Cinderella. The 20-minute interpretation of the story included dances with Cinderella the stepmother and stepsisters; the fairies who send Cinderella off to the royal ball; the guests arriving at the ball; and finally Cinderella, the prince and all guests dancing a beautiful traditional Kozachok.

The concert ended with the vibrant Hopak performed by the middle dancers ages 7 to 9, with a finale performed by the whole dance school.

The audience was also treated to a bandura performance by Palatine SUM's Bandura Ensemble under the direction of Lesia Klimchenko, a graduate of the Lviv Conservatory; and ODUM's ensemble under the direction of Motria Poshyvanyk.

Sumivka Krystyna Lopez also performed on the violin while Tania Goncharoff accompanied her on the piano.

Adding to the success of this year's production were beautiful stage sets created by Daria Kyszka and Luba Woodbine; and beautiful costumes created by a very talented group of mothers.

Selfreliance Ukrainian American Federal Credit Union was proud to sponsor this year's concert and noted that the Palatine Ukrainian Center is now the largest Ukrainian cultural center in Chicago's suburbs. Since its inception in 1968, Palatine SUM has grown into a Ukrainian community landmark offering Ukrainian dance and bandura classes, its own School of Ukrainian Studies, and a complete soccer program. The Center is open to all who wish to learn about Ukraine and its culture.

Individuals interested in more information on the group's programs may call 847-358-3582.

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