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CYM Debutante Ball 2007

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Ukrainian American Youth Association Debutante Ball

On February 10th, 2007 the Ukrainian American Youth Association (SUM) sponsored its 43rd annual SUM Debutante Ball at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown, N.Y.. The chairperson of the balls organizing committee, Genya Kuzmowycz-Blahy, reflected upon the pervasive significance of this event, so deeply steeped in SUM tradition that it continues to attract a large number of participants from the extended SUM family. She formally opened the ceremonies by welcoming Most Reverend Bishop Paul Chomnycky, OSBM together with the debutantes and their escorts and the assembled guests and then introduced the masters of ceremonies, Marta Kolinsky-Bojko and Pawlo Figol. Marta and Pawlo introduced the 16 debutantes individually, elaborating upon each debutantes academic, SUM and community based achievements and upon their future career plans as each debutante made an elegant grand entrance onto the ballroom floor. After enjoying an affectionate exchange with her parents, each debutante was joined by her escort whereupon in union they performed a gracious and appreciative bow before the warmly applauding audience. The debutantes and their escorts, adorned in classic cotillion dress white and tuxedo black, enthralled their enchanted admiring audience with a vibrant yet elegant premier waltz, choreographed by Hryhorij Momot.

The celebratory spirit in the ballroom was enhanced by the introduction of special SUM member, Most Reverend Bishop Paul Chomnycky, OSBM Bishop of the Eparchy of Stamford who affectionately congratulated the debutantes and shared his enlightened views about their coming of age and conferred His blessing upon the debutantes and their escorts before leading the entire ballroom in prayer. Bishop Paul was followed by Bohdan Harhaj, the president of the National Executive Board of the U.A.Y.A. who also warmly congratulated the debutantes and reflected upon their accruing responsibilities and wished them luck with their future endeavors. The ensuing banquet was embellished by the virtuoso piano music provided by Andrij Stasiw and followed by a grand zabava to the music provided by the Zolota Bulava and Na Zdorovya bands. The festive evening culminated in a traditional kolomeyka that lasted over 30 minutes.

A special tribute for the success of this memorable event is owed to the organizing committee which consisted of chairperson, Genya Kuzmowycz-Blahy, Lida Mykytyn, Petro and Julia Kosciolek, Natalka Kudryk, and Laryssa Blahy.

This years debutantes included Tatiana Palylyk (Yonkers) escorted by Adam Klymko, Larissa Gojdycz (Yonkers) escorted by Peter Kolinsky, Adriana LiGreci escorted by Mykola Perich, Nadya Leniw (Passaic) escorted by Yurij Symczyk, Marianna Zajac (New York) escorted by Michael Naumenko, Kate Laszyn (Passaic) escorted by Mark Lesczyszak, Christine Terlecky (Yonkers) escorted by Andrew Bybel, Christine Uzdejczyk (Hartford) escorted by Gregory Sawchuk, Larysa Filewicz (Yonkers) escorted by Andrew Kobylecky, Natalya Surmachevska (New York) escorted by Bohdan Vitenko, Christina Melnyk Hartford) escorted by Stefan Doboszczak, Stephanie DeBruin (Yonkers) escorted by Andrew Kuzmiak, Juliana Horbachevsky (Yonkers) escorted by Roman Palylyk, Julie Doboszczak (Hartford) escorted by Adam Gojdycz, Monica Kapitula (Passaic) escorted by Michael Porada and Olesya Alamanchuk (Passaic) escorted by Peter Capar.

Orest Kozicky, M.D.
Press Secretary, National Board of the U.A.Y.A.

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This site in Ukrainian

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