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Sunday 29th July
The official opening of this year's CYM summer camp was today - with the accompaniment of a church service presided over by our chaplain Fr. Josef Leschyshyn, the summer camp began. The representative from the national committee (krayova uprava) Volodymyr Szhlykhetko passed over the responsibility to camp commandant, Volodymyr Pawluk. The programme for the first day consisted of:
1. Tidying up of camp
2. Singing
3. The official opening of camp - church service
4. A meeting with komanda (our counsellors) and a getting to know you session
5. Football and netball
6. Sumosnavstvo (lessons about the structure of camp)
7. Vporyad

Monday 30th July

So started our CYM summer camp life, in the morning we had sports, which included football, basketball, volleyball and rounders. All sumivtsi took an active part in the sports activities; they also play these sports in their free time. During the week there will be a mixture of lessons and sporting activities. Today the themes for our lessons were as follows:
1. The history of Ukraine (How and why did Ukraine become an independent state)
2. Sumoznavstvo (this is a theme in which we learn about how CYM is organised, the role of CYM in education young people and why is was founded)
In the afternoon we took part in water sports, canoeing, sailing and windsailing, at Staunton Harold.

Halya Bolebrukh



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