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Note: These fonts are for CYM use only. If you are a CYM member, you may download the fonts using the user I.D. and password you usually use to enter the For Sumivtsi Only part of this web site! If you don't have a password, contact ther CYMnet representative at your local oseredok. If you don't know who that is, email us.
Note: If you have trouble downloading the files below, try right-clicking on a link, then select Save Target As... (in Internet Explorer) or Save Link As.. (in Netscape), and specify a directory where to save the file(s).

Font Name File Size Sample
Boyko cymPFboyko.ttf 86 KB
Broshniv cymPFbroshniv.ttf 77 KB
Bura cymPFbura.ttf 56 KB
Diana cymPFdiana.ttf 68 KB
Dnister cymPFdnister.ttf 72 KB
Hutsul cymPFhutsul.ttf 37 KB
Ihor cymPFihor.ttf 55 KB
Irka cymPFirka.ttf 59 KB
Ivan cymPFivan.ttf 66 KB
Katya cymPFkatja.ttf 92 KB
Kherson cymPFkherson.ttf 53 KB
Kobzar cymPFkobzar.ttf 85 KB
Krym cymPFkrym.ttf 65 KB
Kyiv cymPFkyiv.ttf 63 KB
Lemko cymPFlemko.ttf 70 KB
Lesya cymPFlesya.ttf 45 KB
Lviv cymPFlviv.ttf 65 KB
Maria cymPFmaria.ttf 93 KB
Murko cymPFmurko.ttf 45 KB
Mykhailo cymPFmykhailo.ttf 41 KB
Myron cymPFmyron.ttf 61 KB
Nestor cymPFnestor.ttf 39 KB
Odesa cymPFodesa.ttf 45 KB
Oleksa cymPFoleksa.ttf 82 KB
Olena cymPFolena.ttf 68 KB
Olha cymPFolha.ttf 75 KB
Azov cymPFozov.ttf 64 KB
Petro cymPFpetro.ttf 106 KB
Prypyat cymPFprypyat.ttf 71 KB
Rozhnyativ cymPFrozhnyativ.ttf 84 KB
Sambir cymPFsambir.ttf 71 KB
Sonia cymPFsonia.ttf 105 KB
Soyuzhanka cymPFsoyuzhanka.ttf 47 KB
Stefan cymPFstephan.ttf 86 KB
Strij cymPFstrij.ttf 63 KB
Strutyn cymPFstrutyn.ttf 51 KB
Taras cymPFtaras.ttf 42 KB
Vasyl cymPFvasyl.ttf 86 KB
Volodymyr cymPFvolodymyr.ttf 129 KB
Voyak cymPFvoyak.ttf 35 KB
Zozulka cymPFzozulka.ttf 75 KB

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  This site in Ukrainian

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