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35th Anniversary 35th Anniversary Celebration
October 10-12, 2003


Here are some pictures from the 35th anniversary dinner and zabava. Click on the picture to see an enlarged version and caption.


Trembita 35th Anniversary Concert The anniversary weekend ended with a very memorable concert involving Trembita, Vidlunya choir, former members of Boyan choir and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic parish choir. The concert was a tribute to Rostyslav Kulish, co-founder and first conductor of Trembita. He also conducted the Boyan (predecessor of Vidlunya) and church choirs. A strong showing by all performers was enjoyed by those in attendance. The highlight was the finale, when Trembita accompanied the amalgamated choirs for three Kulish-arranged pieces: Oj Vydno Selo, Cheremshyna and Oj Chorna ja sy Chorna.


Click to watch video!
Click to watch video!

Most popular Trembita songs

RankTitleArranged by
Oj Vy Striltzi Sichovi Rostyslav Kulish
Vpered! Yourko Kulycky
Holubivna Yourko Kulycky
Chervona Ruta Rostyslav Kulish
Oj Vydno Selo Rostyslav Kulish

(Results were determined by voting on this website leading up to the anniversary)

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