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About Our Orchestra

Name: A Trembita is a traditional Ukrainian musical instrument from the Carpathian mountain region.

The puropose of our band is to pursue the ideals of the Ukrainian Youth Association in educating Ukrainians in the patriotic and Christian tradition. Trembita was formed in 1968 to promote Ukrainian culture, to give the youth a sense of group accomplishment, and to improve the quality of Ukrainian community events by providing music and splendor.

Trembita regularly performs at Ukrainian Youth Association events as well as other Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian events in the Montreal area. Trips to nearby cities also enhance the Trembita calendar. The highlights of Trembita's history include the trip to Europe in 1988 to celebrate Ukraine's millenium of Christianity. The orchestra toured and performed in France, Germany and Italy, where it played at a mass performed by Pope John Paul II to commemorarate the anniversary. In 2001, Trembita returned to Europe to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ukrainian independence. The orchestra toured western Ukrainian towns and cities ending in Kyiv for the Independence Day celebrations.

History of Trembita (1968 to the present)

Current Edition of Trembita

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