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"Zahrava :   The redness in the sky generated by a fire or the sun. "

...Or, perhaps the redness could be the heat generated from the energy of the dancers from the Zahrava Ukrainian Youth Association Dance Ensemble!

Ukrainian dances are full of colour and beauty, and some are so energetic and fast paced that you can get caught up in it all from just watching!

Our dancers range from young children through to adults. They generally share a Ukrainian background but this is no pre-requisite! Over the years our dance ensemble members have included Australians, a Greek and a Canadian!

Come and join us!

We welcome all who have an interest in Ukrainian dance!


Upcoming Performances

Dance classes begin again!
- Monday -
- February 9, 2009 -

Latest Performances

Floor show by Zahrava at
An Evening with Friends
- Saturday -
- 13 December, 2008 -
- 7pm -

Holodomor Requim
- Saturday -
- 22 November, 2008 -

World Picnic Day at Sydney Olympic Park
- Sunday -
- 15 November, 2008 -

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