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Welcome to Zahrava!

'Zahrava' - the redness in the sky generated by a fire or the sun.

...or could the redness be from the heat generated from the energy of our dancers!

During the year of 1967, CYM Sydney started their own Ukrainian dance ensemble. The ensemble was without name for many years. It wasn't until 1981 when they were to participate in a folkloric dance festival in our country's capital, Canberra, that a name was chosen... Zahrava Ukrainian Youth Association Dance Ensemble.

The dance ensemble consists of junior, intermediate and senior groups with dancers ranging from young children to adults.

Dances are performed in the traditional Ukrainian folk style. The repetoire includes dances from various regions of Ukraine including Poltava, Hutsulshtyna, Bukovyna, Zarkapattia and Pokuttia.

Zahrava has performed both locally and nationally for Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians. Local performances include CYM concerts, Ukrainian events, folk festivals, eisteddfods, weddings and private functions. On a national level, Zahrava has performed at Ukrainian festivals and has travelled interstate with Sydney CYM concerts.

Dance rehearsals are held on monday nights at the CYM hall in Lidcombe. If you are interested, come and visit us. Meet new friends, be part of a team, get some exercise, learn about Ukrainian culture and traditions, and the beauty, the colour, the energy that is Ukrainian dance.

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