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Leadership Seminar 2009

Providnytskyj Seminar 2009 Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Hosts CYMs Future Leaders

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Despite the occasionally rainy weather, Washington D.C.'s famous cherry blossoms were coming into full bloom as the Fifth National Youth Leadership Seminar, organized by the Ukrainian American Youth Association (CYM), took place in the nation's capitol. A group of ten high school juniors and seniors from across the United States who have proven their leadership potential and dedication within the ranks of CYM were invited to participate in this scholarship-based seminar. The participants were selected based on their nomination and support by their local CYM branch, a competitive screening process, and approval by the organizing committee. This year the National Executive board of CYM invited: Nicolette Tech of Chicago, Chrystyna Migielicz and Oleksander Lys from Cleveland, Andriy Filewicz, Michael Kozicky, Khrystyna Babyn and Chrystya Sawchuk of Yonkers, Anna Blazhejowsky and Andriy Demianicz of Jersey City, Solomiya Pylypiw of Whippany CYM branches to participate in this event. The main goal of the seminar was to prepare the future leaders of the association.

The Seminar was organized by CYMs Leadership Committee Chair, Lida Mykytyn-Voronka. Among the professional guest speakers over the weekend were: Genya Kuzmowycz Blahy, Andriy Horbachevsky, Nestor Voronka, Oleksa Breslawec, Bohdan Shevchik, Father Bohdan Danylo, and Andriy Bihun. The program included lectures and practical exercises related to management, youth leadership skills, and organization of non-for-profit associations. Sessions took place at the offices of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, who generously gave CYM use of their facilities in downtown Washington for the weekend. The US-Ukraine Foundations Vice President and COO, John Kun, met with the CYM leaders and told them about the Foundations work in Ukraine and the United States. Participants were also treated to a visit to the Embassy of Ukraine, where they were graciously hosted by Mr. Viktor Voloshyn, who not only gave them a tour of the historic manor that houses the Embassy, but also treated them to a fascinating historical account of the Orange Revolution, including many personal recollections of events that occurred in Ukraine during that period. In the evening, participants dined together out on the town, then embarked on a three hour moonlight-lit trolley tour of Washington's most famous monuments.

On Sunday, the second day of the Seminar began with services at the Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family and a visit to the Taras Sevchenko monument, where Rev. Bohdan Danylo shared a touching sermon with everyone present. Throughout the two days, participants as well as their mentors learned much from each other, took part in practical exercises and learned about what it means to be a leader in life in general, and in the Ukrainian community in particular. As in the past, CYM extends its sincerest appreciation to the Ukrainian Embassy and to the U.S-Ukraine Foundation for their warmth and hospitality, which was instrumental in making the leadership seminar so successful and memorable. For more information about next year's CYM National Leadership Seminar program, contact your local CYM oseredok and visit us at

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