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Cleveland News and Announcements
Alot is happening in Cleveland, Ohio this Summer and Fall. Play volleyball, scuba dive, or attend a banquet. Read the details about all the upcoming events in Cleveland!

Weekly Volleyball
Last year, CYM in conjunction with Verchovyna started to prepare a section of land for volleyball courts. The project is almost complete. We are hanging the nets, but now need players! If anyone is interested please fill out the attached registration form and send it back promptly to the address listed. Michael Popadiuk and Michael Liszniansky are the sports representatives that can also be contacted.
Events Registration Form

Volleyball Tournament
Cleveland's annual volleyball tournament will be held at the CYM Oselya in Wellington, Ohio on August 4th, 5th and 6th, 2000. The games will begin promptly on Saturday at 10 a.m. The fee will be $30.00 per player and $20.00 per person for non players. The fee includes food, beverages, and a dance. If you have any questions please contact Teresa Polatajko at
Events Registration Form

The Cleveland chapter of CYM is organizing a bus trip for the annual Zdvyh event.

DATES: 2nd, 3rd and 4th of September
PLACE: CYM oselya in Ellenville, N.Y.

If anyone is interested in going, please contact one of the board members.
Events Registration Form

Scuba Diving Classes
Last year CYM organized scuba diving classes and certifications for the older scouts. After a successful program, many of the parents and Druzhynyky asked that this program be repeated. The scuba diving coarse will be offered again in the fall. Please return the attached registration form by August 25th, 2000. A $50.00 deposit is also required. The exact date for scuba diving will be listed in the next newsletter.
Events Registration Form

50 years!
This year a banquet will be held in honor of the U.A.Y.A turning 50 years old in the Cleveland. The banquet will be held November 4th, 2000. There is a tremendous amount of preparation involved. If anyone is interested in helping with this event please contact a member of the board. A commemorative booklet is on the agenda. If anyone has any photographs related to Cleveland CYM, please contact Marika Kmiotek, or Teresa Polatajko at

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