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Chicago "Kryla" to host 2002 Great Lakes Soccer Tournament

Wings S.C. 50th Logo The "Kryla" Soccer Club of the Chicago Oseredok is honored to host the 7th Annual Great Lakes Cup soccer tournament that will take place Memorial Day weekend of 2002 (May 25th and 26th). The tournament will coincide with an overall celebration recognizing the 50 years of international soccer by the Ukrainian-American Youth Association Soccer Club "Kryla" of Chicago. The GLC committee of Chicago has invited teams from other metropolitan areas New York, Yonkers, Newark, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia and Toronto.

The history of the Great Lakes Cup is that of a soccer tournament hosted by Ukrainian clubs in cities that surround the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Cup was born seven years ago following a discussion between the Directors of soccer clubs, "Chernyk" of Detroit, "Ukraina" of Toronto and "Lviv" of Cleveland. The first two years saw the tournament hosted by the Detroit club, but after witnessing a growth in the tournament, the GLC committee decided that the tournament should be hosted by the other cities surrounding the Great Lakes as well. This will be the first time that Chicago will host the tournament. The "Kryla" team competed for the first time in the GLC back in 1999 in Cleveland and successfully returned to Chicago with the Over 30 Championship. The reigning champions are "Lviv" from Cleveland in the Over 30 division and "Ukraina" of Toronto in the Men's Open division.

GLC Logo The "Kryla" team was founded 50 years ago following the third wave of Ukrainian immigration into the United States post World War II. The team was created under the auspices of the scouting organization known as, Ukrainian-American Youth Association located in Chicago. The Chicago Oseredok celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1999. The "Kryla" team has a great history, winning several domestic and international tournaments and during the course of its 50 years has seen many colorful players. These players represented our country as part of the US National team, the US Pan-American team and the US Olympic team.

The "Kryla" S.C. wishes to thank everyone for their continued support and looks forward to another 50 years of soccer!

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