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This site in Ukrainian The 38th AGM of CYM in the UK

The 38th National Congress (AGM) of the Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) in the United Kingdom took place in Tarasivka on Saturday 21 April 2012.

The Congress elected Zenon Finiw from Derby as its new President and the following people to sit on the National Committee (Krayova Uprava): Bohdan Prykhidny, Wolodymyr Szlachetko, Josef Kupranec, Marian Kosmirak, Maria Dzula, Anna Fedeczko, Hanya Szlachetkto, Petro Wintoniuk, Halyna Stevens, Larissa Flint, Roman Panas, Stepan Pasicznyk, Andriy Kaminsky, Ivan Kaniuka, Myroslawa Matwijiwska, Zenia Zwarycz, Xenya Madycz, Myroslawa Kochan, Andriy Buniak, Danylo Barsky, Stefan Yayecznyk, Maria Kopczyk and Wolodymyr Pawluk.

Roles and functions are to be assigned and agreed at the first meeting of the National Committee, which will take place shortly. Congress accepted reports from key people in the outgoing National Committee, including outgoing President Bohdan Prykhidny, who highlighted key events and achievements in 2011. Several standing committees reported on various aspects of CYM’s activities, including educational and housekeeping issues in the UK and put forward several recommendations for delegates to consider. Delegates from almost all branches took an active part in the various discussions touching on items, such as the summer youth camps, CRB checks, regional and national rallies, local educational work, the development of Tarasivka and other issues.

Formal written and verbal greetings were received from a variety of Ukrainian organisations and institutions, including His Eminence, the archbishop Johan of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, from rev. Davyd Senyk, CYM chaplain from the Ukrainian Catholic Church, from Petro Duma, president of CYM’s World Committee (Svitova Uprava), from Zenon Lastowetsky, president of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB), from Stefan Romaniw, head of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, from several CYM National Committees around the world, and from other bodies.

Congress also elected an Audit Commission (headed by Mykhailo Kuziw), a Grievances Committee (headed by rev. Mykola Matwijiwsky), and a new committee to run “Hospoda”, the Ukrainian Social Club located in the grounds of Tarasivka (headed by Halyna Stevens). At the end of Congress, which was ably chaired by Marian Kosmirak, the Coventry branch of the Ukrainian Youth Association was awarded with the Annual CYM flag for its excellent work in the previous year. There was also a short emotional ceremony to mark the departure of Wolodymyr Karpynec, who leaves the National Committee after a 45-year period of active duty, most of it in key positions. The National Congress was brought to a close with the adoption of key resolutions.

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