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This site in Ukrainian

This site in Ukrainian

Introducing the CYM UK Photogallery

Dear CYM members.
You will find a new button on the right hand side of this page called "Photo Galleries". In our efforts to keep CYMnet UK up to date here is the first of hopefully more improvements to come.
A photo Gallery was one of the many ideas brought up in a discussion about CYMnet at this years camp. A few days after this discussion, Druh Joseph Kupranec gave me a disc of photos of the April CYM 5 a side football tournament at Tarasivka this year, during camp, so it presented an opportunity to try this idea out.
To control the quality and relevance of content of photo submissions of activity in your branches please submit photos via your CYM branch head. Please also keep the size of the photos to a minimum, i.e. less than 200,KB. Large high definition photos:
1. Upload slowly, slowing down your browsing experience
2. Take up too much space on our server
3. Are unecessary for comupter screen viewing
and finally,
4. Waste lots of time to downsize.
Submissions larger than 200kb will not be accepted. Downsize them yourselves, and then submit via your CYM branch head.
We would appreciate if you can be patient with us, as this improvement process will be more like redesigning the automobile, many small steps at a time, as time is a limited resource even for CYMnet "staff"!
Now, please enjoy the first submission to your right.

Stepan Pasicznyk a.k.a."Ludwig" 10/08/10
On behalf of CYMnet UK, S. Pasicznyk & Ange Kaminsky

This site in Ukrainian
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