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Sports Weekend

A very successful weekend of Sports took place during the weekend of March 28-29 at Tarasivka.

On Sat 28th March the Annual CYM Doubles Pool and Annual CYM Netball competitions took place.

At 12 noon closing time for registration of the Pool Competition, it transpired that there were not as many doubles teams as in the previous year. A management decision took place and after some consultation it was decided for this year only to revert to a Singles event for 2009. After a reshuffle with the fixture list 16 players registered from 6 Oseredky - Ashton, Derby, London, Manchester, Rochdale & Stockport - were drawn out of a hat into 2 leagues. The competition commenced around 1pm and lasted all afternoon and into the early evening culminating with the Final being played at 8pm . There were 2 leagues of 8 players and the top 4 in each league qualified for the quarter finals knock out stages. Each league match was the best of one. The Quarter-final, Semi-final and Final matches in the knock out stages were best of 3 games.

There were three pool tables set up in a dark hall with a dividing doors separating the bar area from the hall. Above each pool table lights were set up to give it a professional appearance.

The competition was won by Roger Stone from Ashton and Paul Pszenyczniak from Manchester was runner-up. A winner's & runner's up trophy were presented to the two finalists.

A great day was had by all this year in a more relaxed and less tensed atmosphere. Everyone went home on a high looking forward to next year's competition.

Special thanks go to druzhi Andrij Kaminskyj, Zenon Finiw & Darko Werbovy for preparing the hall, lights and moving the pool tables, for ordering the trophies and picking up a third pool table from Oseredok Nottingham who decided to donate it to KY CYM.

Also on the same day The National CYM Netball tournament took place. After registration of the teams practice took place on the hard court in the sports cage. However the weather forecast for the day was not favourable with black clouds looming. At approximately 1pm a downpour of rain and hailstones hit Tarasivka for about 20 minutes making it impossible and dangerous to play on the hard court. I had made contingency plans and booked an indoor sports hall at St. Benedict RC school in Derby. All the teams were debriefed and directions/post codes were handed out for the school.

The competition commenced at 2pm with 4 teams registered from Oseredky Derby, London, Manchester & Stockport. The competition lasted approximately 2 hours where each team played each other once. Each game lasted 16 minutes - 8 minutes each way with a break for half-time and for change overs. Each game was umpired by representatives from the two other teams not playing. A fair and exciting competition took place and there was very little controversy.

The competition was won by Oseredok Manchester & Runner's-Up Oseredok Stockport. Attached league fixtures and table, group photo of all the teams prior to starting and action photographs during the tournament. At the end of the tournament everyone shook each other's hand in a polite and friendly manner before leaving to go back to Tarasivka for refreshments & presentation of medals & trophy.

At approx 5.30pm after the perekuska Josyf Kupranetz KY sports referent asked for all the teams to go into the hall during an interval in the Pool proceedings. He thanked the teams for playing in a very sports like manner commending them for playing in true sporting fashion. Each team received a certificate for participation, the runners-up team members from Stockport received silver medals and the winners team members from Manchester all received gold medals and the captain podruha Sofia Szlachetko received the winners trophy.

Special thanks goes to podruha Lydia Pszenyczniak for time keeping and updating the score sheet and all the umpires from the 4 oseredky - Sofia Szlachetko (Manchester), Chrystyna Chymera (London), Antonia Juskiw (Stockport) & Roksoliana Borys (Derby).

On Sunday March 29th the National CYM Shooting Competition (No. 9) took place at Tarasivka down at the Rifle Range and in the woods.

Five Oseredky took part in the above event :
Rochdale (2)
Manchester (1)
Derby (4)
London (17)
Nottingham (1)
A Big Thank you to The Rangers : Ewhen Kochan & Wolodymyr Kowalyszyn from Manchester & Paul Hnylycia from Rochdale and The Scorer/Administrator for the day Lesia Kochan from Manchester. A special thank you to Oeserdok London for bringing down 17 yunatsvo & druzhynyky.

Winners :

1. 10-12 Age Group :
Ethan Hnylytsya from Rochdale
2. 13-15 Age Group :
Andriy Voloshyn from London
3. 16-18 Age Group :
Wolodymyr Surma from Derby
4. Adults Rifle :
Orest Andriyiv from London
5. Adults Pistol :
Olesh Piddubrivniy from Nottingham
6. Field Target :
Orest Andriyiv from London

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