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Veseli Halychany

Once again the well known folk group “The Veseli Halychany” (The Golly Galicians) toured Great Britain. Every year the group tours Veseli Halychany Ukrainian clubs, entertaining members of the Ukrainian community with their breathtaking performances. This winter the group spent 3 weeks touring Great Britain visiting Ukrainian communities in Gloucester, Coventry, Bradford, Rochdale, Stockport, Derby and Bradford. The Veseli Halychany also conducted dance lessons for members of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Bradford and Coventry.

The unique folk ensemble “The Veseli Halychany” are an authentic youthful group, winners of the first national competition of performing Veseli Halychany artists, brightly presenting song, music, dance and humour of Western Ukraine. The group was formed in August 1988 from the talented graduating students of the The Rivne Institute of culture, the Salome Croushelnitscoi music school of Ternopil and the Lviv music academy. Myroslav Babchuk honoured artist of Ukraine is the artistic leader, producer and director of the group.

The ensemble performs music, song and dance with a unique theatrical character. The group uses a variety of unconventional instruments (pan-pipes, dvodentsivca, goutsoulsce rib, telinca, nay, ocarina, bougay, lyre, kobza and frilca). The group is very popular with the Ukrainian public. With great pleasure The Veseli Halychany perform national songs, music and dance for members of the UYA in Great Britain. Veseli Halychany Live contact with the public converts their concerts into the unforgettable celebration of Ukrainian culture.

The Veseli Halychany give a unique musical performance with melody of songs, extraordinary soloists, flexible and artistic dancers and with an energetic anchorman within a couple of minutes the atmosphere is transformed. Within a few moments everyone watches the action on the stage enthusiastically. Before anyone can comprehend what is going on, half the audience is dancing or playing the pan-pipes. The general public don’t want to see the Veseli Halychany end their performance, and continue chanting for more.

The group performs such concerts at Tarasivka and Ukrainian clubs across Great Britain. You would not regret inviting them to play at a zabava, on many occasions they have fully entertained Ukrainians. Veseli Halychany The Veseli Halychany, the unique group perform with excessive energy of which 150% goes to the spectator. The Veseli Halychany often have the opportunity to witness the formation of new families in the Ukrainian Youth Assoication. The Veseli Halychany have already performed at two weddings of members of the Ukrainian Youth Association of Great Britain in Ukraine and one at Tarasivka.

Everybody will agree, after an appearance of the Veseli Halychany, a long applaud and standing ovation is almost without question deserved. If you somehow overslept and missed all this, hurry and make sure you catch the next appearance of the Veseli Halychany, you will not feel sorry!

Written by Yuliya Chymera
Translated by Martyn Chymera

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