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This site in Ukrainian Shooting Competition

Throughout the year, the Ukrainian Youth Association organises a variety of different regional and national sporting events. For many years, this has included a shooting competition at Tarasivka. This years competition was held on Sunday 25 March, on a beautifully sunny spring day.

Shoot! A total of 28 UYA members took part from 6 branches Manchester, London, Nottingham, Bolton, Derby and Rochdale in rifle, pistol and field target events. The safety of participants and spectators is the highest priority, so the event began with a full briefing on safety and range discipline. The competition included beginners and those with more experience and even though not everyone can win, everyone did their best, including several participants who gained proficiency medals.


10-12 age group

Name Oseredok TOTAL Ranking
Ethan Hnylycia Bolton 282 1
Christina Kowalyshyn Manchester 258 2
Sofia Panas-O'Brien London 176 3
Stefan Woloshyn London 136 4
Anton Klymchuk London 70 5
Taras Woloshyn London 14 6

13-15 age group

Name Oseredok TOTAL Ranking
Matviy Bdzhola Rochdale 304 1
Stefan Hnylycia Bolton 256 2
Myroslav Lastowiecki Derby 202 3
Myroslava Terlecky London 130 4
Efrozena Klymchuk London 98 5
Tanya Moroz Nottingham 64 6
Andriy Woloshyn London 54 7

16+ age group

Name Oseredok TOTAL Ranking
Stefan Docheminskiy Manchester 332 1
Myroslava Kochan Manchester 312 2
Hanya Moroz-Wilson Nottingham 298 3
Stefan Kowalyshyn Manchester 294 4
Nykola Stus Manchester 292 5
Katrusia Zakharko Nottingham 284 6
Christia Zakharko Nottingham 186 7
Christina Klymchuk London 80 8
Andriy Klymchuk London 338 ADULT


Pistol (over 18)

Name Oseredok TOTAL Ranking
Sandra Docheminska Manchester 254 1
Orest Andriyiv London 250 2
Peter Gorwood Manchester 242 3

Field target (over 18)

Name Oseredok Ranking
Peter Gorwood Manchester 1
Pavlo Woloshyn London 2
Bohdan Terlecky London 3

Bronze Medals

Medal Winners Christia Zakharko (Nottingham)
Andriy Klymchuk (London)
Christina Kowalyshyn (Manchester)
Sofia Panas-OBrien (London)
Myroslav Lastowiecki (Derby)

Silver Medals

Hanya Moroz-Wilson (Nottingham)
Andriy Klymchuk (London)
Peter Gorwood (Manchester)

Many thanks to the organisers of the event Ewhen and Lesia Kochan and Pavlo Hnylycia and to the rangers who were responsible for safety and range discipline on the day Halyna Mandzij, Volodymyr Kowalyszyn and Pawlo Okopskiy.


Other sporting events planned for the near future include national 5-a-side football and netball competitions, and the popular sports mini-camp in May. Forthcoming events are shown on the calendar. We would encourage as many of you as possible to take part not only to compete but also to strengthen friendships and links with UYA members all over the country.

Written by Joe Kupranec

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