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This site in Ukrainian Petition to the Prime Minister of Great Britain

The Holodomor 1932-33 was a great tragedy for the Ukrainian Nation, when during peace times the most fertile lands were plagued with starvation which sealed the fate of millions of innocent Ukrainians. These years became the darkest years in Ukrainian History. The Holodomor which was artificially created by political actions became a serious catastrophe in which entire regions of Ukraine perished.

For a long time the events of 1932-33 were forgotten, only in the late 1980ís did the Holodomor begin to obtain international recognition. In 1988 the US Congress and in 1989 the International Commission of Lawyers recognised the Famine of 1932-33 as genocide against the Ukrainian nation. In September 2003 official documents of the famine were accepted by Belgium, USA, Canada, Argentina.

On the 28th November 2006, the Ukrainian Government recognised the Famine of 1932-33 as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian Nation.

There are survivors that remember the famine and are able to tell the story. Take a chance to receive a personal account of history from someone who had direct contact with the event. Every year this opportunity fades. As the famine fades into history it seems to become less real.

Our mission is to tell the world about these terrible times, and to have to Holodomor recognised as genocide against the Ukrainian nation. The Holodomor still brings about pain to every Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian Youth Assoication marks the Holodomor Remembrance day within its branches. Every Ukrainian respects the memory of those who died during the artificial famine in Ukraine. Unfortunately this isnít enough. To this day the British Government hasnít officially recognised the Holodomor.

Hence it is our duty to ensure the Holodomor is duly remembered and recognised as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian Nation.

It is our duty before the dead, the living and those not yet born to remember those that died during this artificial politically created Famine.

Residents of Great Britain, do not be indifferent, sign the petition to the Prime Minister to have the Great Famine of 1932-33 recognised as genocide against the Ukrainian people. Letís remember the history of Ukraine and let it be properly remembered and have the required recognition from the British Government.

Please follow the link and sign the petition. Pass this link on to all your friends.

Sign the petition
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