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National Football Competition
On Sunday 19th May 2002 in Tarasivka the national football competition will take place for older and younger members of CYM.

The competition is open to all teams of young CYM members (childern 12 years of age or under) and older children (13 - 17 years of age)
The rules are as follows:

Each team in the younger children section will have teams of 6, for older children (12 -17) each team will be comprised of 5 players (plus 2 players maximum, in reserve)

Registration is at 10:00 am, the competition official start time is 10:30 am

Costs: for every team entered an entrance fee of £30 is required. This covers the cost of meals for every entrant, medals and trophies. Could all interested oseredky register their teams and send the appropriate payment to our sports co-ordinator, Joseph Kupranec, no later than the 5th May 2002.

There are also plans to hire a bouncy castle and slide. Refreshments will also be served during the day. All CYM members are welcomed to participate and enjoy the day.

National Committee CYM in Great Britain

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