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CYM National Rally - Krayovyi Zdvyh

Choir of female sumivti On Saturday 3rd July 2004, the Krayovyi Zdvyh took place in Tarasivka, under this year's haslo - "Our Mother Tongue Unites Us".

The Official Ceremony was forced to take place indoors this year, due to the bad weather. Following successes at the Okruzhnyi Zdvyh, East, in June, Oseredok Bradford entered various groups into the competition, which took place in the afternoon. All our sumivti and their vykhovnyky worked hard in the build up to the Krayovyi Zdvyh, but there can only be one winner, and our oseredok returned to Bradford with three first place trophies:

- Younger sumivka, Chrystyna Pichovich, in the category of Poetry Recitals, with the poem "Our Mother Tongue"

- Younger and older sumivti in the category of Choirs (more than 9 participants), with the song "You Are My Sunshine"

- Older female sumivti in the category of Choirs (less than 9 participants), with the song "Mother"

A great effort from everybody who participated in the Krayovyi Zdvyh this year!

Choir of younger and older sumivti

Older Krylati dancers

Krylati dancers - Druzhynnyky

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