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Ellenville, New York: April 20-21, 2002

CYMnet Webmasters' Conference CYMnet Invents New Sporting Event!
(Just keep reading and you'll get to the part about the sporting event)

Delegates from the United States and Canada converged on Ellenville, New York on April 20-21, 2002 for the continent's first conference of current and prospective CYM webmasters.

The gathering attracted representatives from 13 branches in the two countries. Canadian webmasters arrived from three oseredky: Montreal, Ottawa, and Saint Catharines. Included in their number were leaders of Montreal's Trembita orchestra, who came with the desire to establish a web site and an online music repository from where members of the group will be able to download the musical scores for each instrument.

Representing ten American locations were delegates from Binghamton, Chicago, Ellenville, Goshen, Irvington, New York City, Passaic, Philadelphia, Whippany, and Yonkers. The delegates to the conference included webmasters of every age, ranging from starshe yunatstvo, to those who will imminently be in the market for a brown tie for their uniform.

Although CYMnet conferences have taken place in recent years in several countries, this was the first specifically planned for technically oriented sumivtsi that are either currently acting as webmasters within their oseredky, or have the desire to become one. Attendees spent the weekend immersed in the technologies of the World Wide Web. The weekend started out with several speakers presenting topics on a range of technologies, tools and techniques useful to building Web sites. This was followed by several lab sessions where webmasters began working on pages for their local sites with several professional designers, artists and programmers available for consultation, help with designs and coding, and even advice on artistic issues.

CYMnet Webmasters' Conference Scandal at CYMnet Sporting Event:
The "Computer Toss"

They say that computer geeks don't know how to have fun. CYMnet proved them wrong by staging another First. That is, the first-ever CYMnet Computer Toss, a rigorous physical competition that required the strength, stamina and endurance that only a CYMnet webmaster can have!

It all started with a growing pile of 486-class personal computers which, due to their old age, were gathering at oselia with no prospective adoptees in sight. By executive decision of the conference attendees, it was established that the machines were no longer suitable for anything other than a sporting competition.

And thus was born this new world-class competition! Athletes convened outside on a beautiful day, behind a string of prehistoric computers. Those who could muster enough courage took turns heaving a personal computer with all their might, while judges measured and recorded throwing distances. Much to the surprise of all present, CYMnet head Andriy Bihun outdistanced all oponents, achieving the longest throw by a margin of almost 8 feet. To his disappointment, though, in an ensuing scandal this result was annulled and Bihun was disqualified on suspicions that he had been unfairly practicing in his back yard all year in anticipation of the event! Consequently, the official results were as follows. First and second places were awarded to International Webmaster Pawlo Figol and Canadian CYMnet Director Volodymyr Usyk (although the question of who was First and who was Second continues to be hotly disputed in CYMnet circles). Third place was awarded to Nykola Rudyk, CYM's Yonkers webmaster.

CYMnet has not yet contacted the International Olympic Committee to inquire whether this new sport will qualify for official status at the next Summmer Olympiad. Stay tuned...

Click here for Photos from the weekend!

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