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Our Oseredok is located at:

1222 Fewster Drive, Unit #3
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 1A1
(905) 276-9333

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Our program runs on Saturdays from 2:30pm-4:30pm.

Any changes in times will be written in the calendar or sent electronically. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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As more Ukrainians began to settle in Ontario, new families began to move west of Toronto to its surrounding of Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington. It was getting harder for sumivtsi to attend schodyny in Toronto and Etobicoke, due to accessibility and location. Knowing that these difficulties were arising, a group of druzhynyky from the two oseredky decided to form a commitee to discuss whether or not it would be feasible to open a new branch. After much discussion, it was agreed that a new branch would be formed in Mississauga.

The first schodyny for CYM Mississauga took place on April 26th, 1982. In attendance at these schodyny were: Ivan Shnayder, Andrij and Olya Dziubaniwsky, Oryssia and Ihor Lawrynowycz, pok. Wasyl Bien, Taras Tataryn, Pavlo Kolodij and Roman Zurba.

On May 31st, the first annual meeting for the branch took place, where pok. Wasyl Bien was elected as President, Roman Zurba as Vice-President and Darka Twerdochlib as program Director. From that day on, CYM Mississauga began to grow and flourish.

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1982-1986 Wasyl Bien
1987-1988 Nadia Tataryn
1989-1998 Wasyl Bien
1999-2001 Bohdan Hontar
2002 Nadia Tataryn
2003-2006 Mychajlo Kobylecky
2007-2008 Bohdan Hontar
2009-2011 Marijka Kobylecky
2012-present Marta Sporniak

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UPRAVA OF 2012-2013

President Marta Sporniak
Vice President Bohdanka Hontar
Secretary Yarko Brodiuk
Treasurer Walter Purawec
Program Director Nestor Sanajko
Druzhynyk Co-ordinator Matej Moskalyk
Dyrektsia Rep Slavko Skira
President of Parent's Committee Sonia Lovell
Other Exec Members Bohdan Hontar
Mychajlo Kobylecky
Lesia Teply
Orest Teply
Adrian Woloszansky
Michael Haruk
Marijka Kobylecky

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BULAVA OF 2012-2013

Program Director Nestor Sanajko
Program Co-ordinator Larysa Zariczniak
Other Members Marko Ginda
Oksana Bablak
Oriana Brodiuk
Cassandra Wysochanskyj
Nick Obal
Andrea Purawec
Zoriana Kilyk

Bulava 2007-2008

Bulava members for 2007-2008

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  This site in Ukrainian

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