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After a long journey from Ukraine, about 27 hours, Magistyr Mychajlo flew into Australia in the first week of September and settled in the CYM Oseredok in Melbourne whose patron is Hetman Ivan Mazepa.

News spread prior to his arrival that he may visit our Oseredok and we patiently waited his arrival. Some of the Molodshe Junatstvo asked what language he spoke and how come a bear was travelling around the world. With whom did he travel? Surely not on his own. Was he a junak or a druzzynyk?

When we first saw him we were a bit perplexed because he was wearing a beret and a green hustka. Where was his pilotka and green tie?

After a rest at the home of the President of CYM in Melbourne, Dr Christina Moravski, on 14 September 2003 he attended the Annual General Meeting of CYM where he was presented to the meeting by the Director of Education Tatiana Zachariak. Those present looked at his diary and photos about his previous trips with some amazement. That night he went to stay with the Director of Education where he was made to rest as we knew that the road ahead was going to be onerous for ‘the bear’ in such an active Oseredok.

On 16 September 2003 he attended the weekly schodyny of roji and dancing practice of the CYM ensemble Verchovyna. He was greeted by the parents of Junatstvo in the foyer of the Ukrainian House in Melbourne and then barely made it up the stairs to the CYM room where members of the roji of Molodshe Junatstvo: Levy, Zoloti Zirky, Chorno-Mortczi and Sumenyata and their Vychovnyky: Tereska Romaniw, Lesia Jaworski, Teresa Jaworski, Christina Polatajko, Marijka Popowycz and Natalya Duma were waiting for him. We took photos with him and some children wrote their names in his diary and drew some pictures. Sumenyata and Zoloti Zirky prepared a story for him. Later he also visted with Starshe Junatstvo from the roji of Vyvirky, Vovky and Lastivky and their Vychovnyky, Christina Moravski and Diana Herczaniwski. Everyone was given badges by Magistyr Mychajlo from his home in Canada.

On Sunday 21 September 2003, CYM had a big concert to honour Mykola Leontovich, carried out by the CYM Choir Cheremosh. During interval Magistyr Mychajlo was presented to the audience and even managed to get on the stage. We were forced to take more photos of him as he whispered to the Education Director that he would not get down unless this occurred. He was very proud and pleased with himself because he had a new pilotka and a green tie.

The day after this event, he attended the CYM Uprava meeting where the National President of the CYM Executive in Australia, Mr Wasyl Senko was also present. The next day Dr Christina took him to the CYM property Karpaty, 80 kms from Melbourne, where a three day tabir was happening with participants from the Self Development Course. This tabir is part of a course which has been run as a compulsory prerequisite for young women and men who want to do their Deb, for the past 20 years. The Course culminates with the Deb Ball which we call Lvivski Vechornytczi. There he tried to dance with some of the young women but his paws were unfortunately too short.

On Sunday 5 October 2003, our Parish of St Peter and Paul greeted children doing their first Communion in our Cathedral. Most of them were CYMivtzi from the roji Chorno-Mortzi and Zoloti Zirky. Magistyr Mychajlo was invited to the homes of Mr and Mrs Romanyk and their daughter Alexandra, and Mr and Mrs Zdanko and their daughter Maria. And again he enthusiastically took part in photo sessions.

On the 7 October all members of CYM who had done their First Communion were presented with commemorative bookmarks by the president of the Oseredok.

Saturday, 11 october 2003, was an important day for the Oseredok with the Debutant Ball and of course Magistyr just had to be there.

Magistyr Mychajlo has not finished his duties in Melbourne, but we know that he is a little tired now, so we will give him a small rest while we send the story of his travels to Krylaty.

Tetyana Zachariak
CYM MElbourne Education Officer
  This site in Ukrainian

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