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This site in Ukrainian But, will we remember where we buried it?
"Today, we unearthed a time capsule buried by our mothers and fathers back before the turn of the century (when they were still young) and found a whole lot of stuff which shows what life in CYM was like in the old days..." - CYMnet archive, May 2024

Signing On a recent Saturday evening in Ellenville, New York at CYM's East Coast U.S.resort, a group of young Zaporozhtsi said their farewells to a collection of historical documents, photographs and memorabelia. The 16 and 17 year old members of the Passaic, New Jersey branch of CYM were about to bury a time capsule in the Shawangunk Mountains of New York State, to be opened by their children 25 years S.Zhuravsky says a few words hence. The time capsule contains a historic collage of the past 48 years of the Passiac branch of CYM, from photographs with the first branch president, Mr. Jaroslaw Petryk (who joined the youths on the historic occasion), to newspaper articles recollecting more recent events in the history of the branch.

Sealing it In honor of the 50th anniversary of CYM in the United Stated, the young men and women had decided two months earlier that preserving a piece of history that they held dear was a worthwhile effort, especially since the planned benefactors of the capsule will be their children, who (presumably) in 25 years will be of a similar age as the boys are today. After consulting with past presidents and members of past Upravy (boards of directors) of the Passaic branch, the Zaporozhtsi, as they have named themselves, compiled a collection of Joined Hands documents they felt would accurately depict life in Passaic CYM, over its many years of existence, to the next generation. After collecting the documents and artifacts, a solemn ceremony was held in an undisclosed location in Ellenville CYM late in May, 1999, and the time capsule was sealed and buried to a depth of, well... we can't really disclose that either. The location and details about the burial are a tightly held secret and, for obvious reasons, are known only to the Zaporozhtsi and a few trusted members of the Passaic branch.

Burying it Although the exact contents of the time capsule could not be confirmed, rumor has it that the Zaporozhtsi also included a full CYM uniform, in anticipation that it will one day change to what they believe is a more modern design. Since efforts to interview several of the tight-lipped Zaporozhtsi were unsuccessful, we hope our readers will be patient while our staff reporter awaits the opening of the capsule in 2024...
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