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This site in Ukrainian "Holos Molodi" Celebrates 50 Years!

December 1999 marks the 50th anniversary of Holos Molodi (Voice of the Youth), a publication of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Great Britain. In issue 460 we celebrate the Golden Anniversary of one of the oldest CYM publications in the world. These fifty years have seen many changes in Holos Molodi, especially its format. But one thing that has not changed is its primary mission - reporting on CYM activities in the UK.

The predecessor to Holos Molodi, Zmah Molodykh, appeared in October 1949 on the occasion of the first National Zdvyh. It contained, among other things, reports on numerous regional CYM gatherings during that summer.

1951 masthead of Holos Molodi

The next publication appeared in December of that year under its new name, Holos Molodi. Myroslav Shkavrytko, the first president of CYM in Britain, edited this 26-page journal.

The second issue of Holos Molodi, released in January 1950, was edited by Ivan Krushelnytskyi. Over the course of the next two years 17 issues were published, after which time its publication was suspended due to the relocation of the publishing offices of Avantgard (a CYM publication with international circulation) from Germany to Great Britain at the end of 1951. Resources were not available to continue the publication of both journals.

After two years Avantgard returned to Germany. The National Executive decided to resurrect Holos Molodi, not as a separate publication, but as a part of Ukraiinska Dumka (Ukrainian Thought), a newspaper published by the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain. Holos Molodi is still published here to this day.

Until 1960 Holos Molodi appeared only on one page of Ukraiinska Dumka, but from autumn of that year it was printed on two pages (but one sheet of paper) which could be removed and folded into quarters, creating a booklet.

The next editor was R. Dubyniak, who had the idea of publishing each year's publications as a book. Unfortunately he only edited 2 issues. Vira Hryniuk took the reigns next, and she continued on for 15 years (1961-1975).

1999 masthead of Holos Molodi

From 1975 to 1977 Holos Molodi, in its two-page format, was edited by Yaroslav Rutovskyi, who later became a president of the National Executive. A 640 page book of materials from Holos Molodi, including photographs, was published during his term. From 1977 until 1985 Holos Molodi was again published as only one page of 'Dumka', but still edited by Y. Rutovskyi. Volodymyr Humeniuk took over in 1985, and in 1990 Roman Panas, the current editor, succeeded him.

1990 also saw resurgence in CYM activity in the United Kingdom. After a steady decline in the 1980's, membership began to grow, more children began attending summer camps, and new projects were undertaken to fix up Tarasivka, the CYM campground in Britain. These activities were all documented in Holos Molodi.

With Ukraine's declaration of independence 24 August 1991 CYM in the West was able to directly interact with its fellow members in Ukraine. Various events, such as joint camps, continue to be illustrated on the pages Holos Molodi.

(Compiled from materials prepared by Vasyl Boichuk for the 40th anniversary of CYM in Great Britain. Additional materials supplied by Roman Panas.)
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