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April 1, 2006
We hope you've enjoyed (and weren't taken in by) our April Fools articles!

Vernadskyj Station CYM sponsors Antarctic

A unique opportunity has arisen for sumivtsi, thanks to Vasyl Dubko, a CYM member from Kyiv oseredok and research scientist at the Ukrainian Antarctic Research Station "Vernadskyj". Up to ten participants of this year's World Zlet in Ukraine will be selected to travel to Vernadskyj for a 3-day meeting with the researchers during this year's annual resupply mission! More

CYM Uniforms CYM To Introduce New Uniform
Since Svitova Uprava recently canceled CYM's order for new uniforms because of oseredok complaints of high prices, there has been much activity to find an alternate solution to the uniform shortage. This month, a contact has been signed to purchase several thousand surplus sailors' uniforms recently discovered in Odesa by the Yushchenko government. Read our report for he latest details! More

Mergers in the air...
CYM/Plast Will it finally happen? The Ukrainian diaspora has for many years been struggling with assimilation as a major reason for the shrinking ranks of organizations within the Ukrainian community. The two remaining major worldwide youth organizations, CYM and Plast, are no exception to this phenomenon, and rumors have abounded for the last two years... More

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