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A Plenum of CYM's Svitova Uprava took place on 8-10 October 2007 in the city of Kyiv. Participants of the Plenum included elected members of Svitova Uprava, heads of the National Executives of Great Britain, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, Estonia, America and Australia, as well as the elected heads of the Tovaryskyj Sud and Kontrolna Komisia, and members of CYM in Ukraine.

A number of matters were discussed during the meetings, including details of acquiring our new uniform; the introduction of changes to the Yunatstvo and Druzhynnyky Handbooks; the publication of «Krylati», a magazine in a new format for young children; expansion of CYM to new countries; activism of the Referentura Druzhynnykiv worldwide; and the selection of commemorative dates and a Haslo for 2008.

The Plenum heard a report from the treasurer and approved a pricing schedule for the sale of uniforms worldwide. In addition to the items already ordered, an order of uniform socks will also be placed.

After considering proposals for changes to the Pravylnyk Yunatstva and Pravylnyk Druzhynnykiv, the Plenum approved a resolution to submit the changes to National Executives for the approval of their individual countries, and to subsequently submit the revised texts for stylistic editing.

A sample edition of the new «Krylati» magazine was presented at the Plenum. The bi-minthly magazine will be available for sale beginning in January, 2008. Each represented country committed to circulation and subscription rates for their memberships, and accepted administrative responsibilities within their respective countries.

As part of the ongoing investigation into possibilities for expanding CYM into new regions, the Plenum resolved to contact the Ukrainian World Congress to acquire statistics concerning the numbers of Ukrainian youth in various world regions, and for information and analyses regarding known issues which those communities face today.

The Plenum formally approved Stepan Duma as Referent Druzhynnykiv in Svitova Uprava. The Svitova Uprava expressed confidence in the new referentura's commitment to a worldwide druzhynnyk camp in Ukraine in 2008, and with regard to a Worldwide Youth Conference.

The Plenum approved a Haslo for CYM for the year 2008: «Ukrainians remember - the world acknowledges!»; the main commemorative date for 208 is the 75th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Holodomor.

In the near future the Svitova Uprava's Vykhovna Rada will publish a detailed calendar of additional commemorative dates for 2008.

Svitova Uprava extends its sincere thanks to the Kyiv branch of CYM in Ukraine for their hospitality and their assistance in hosting the Plenum of Svitova Uprava.

This site in Ukrainian

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