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This site in Ukrainian Who's your Favorite Hero?
Write about them and earn a chance to win a prize!

Who is your favorite Ukrainian hero? Is it a famous leader of Ukraine or of its struggle for independence? Perhaps a Ukrainian cultural hero? An artist, singer, poet or philosopher? An ancestor or relative of yours who has earned your admiration and respect? An older person, or a child who proved to be a hero? Is it someone from the past, or a living hero?

Win a prize! Tell CYMnet about your favorite Ukrainian hero. Write an essay in which you describe your hero, and discuss what it is about him or her that earned your respect. Tell us what kind of a person they were (or are), what specific characteristics or acts of theirs compelled you to choose them as your favorite hero.

The Favorite Hero Essay Contest ends on May 31, 2001. Winners will be announced by June 15th, and winning essays will be posted on the CYMnet web site. Winning submissions will receive an electronic Game Boy!

Contest Rules

  1. The Favorite Hero Essay Contest is open to members of CYM, aged 6 to 17.
  2. You must have the permission of your parents to enter the contest.
  3. Winners will be chosen from two categories:
       - Molodshe yunatstvo (ages 6 to 12)
       - Starshe yunatstvo (ages 13 to 17)
  4. The subject of your essay should be your favorite Ukrainian hero (this means a Ukrainian, or someone of Ukrainian descent, or someone who acted to help Ukraine or Ukrainians in some way).
  5. Essays must be submitted in the Ukrainian language.
  6. Essays must be received by May 31, 2001 to be eligible for prizes.
  7. Essays may be submitted by email or postal mail (on diskette or printed on paper). Be sure to include your full name, age, as well as name and location of your oseredok. To submit an entry by email, send to To submit an entry by postal mail send to:
    CYMnet Essay Contest
    P.O. Box 395
    Walker Valley, New York 12566
  8. Winners receive a Game Boy electronic game (plus a Frogger game cartridge)!
  9. Winners will claim prizes at their local oseredok (CYM branch). Game Boy and game cartridge will be shipped directly to your oseredok, so be sure to provide your oseredok information along with your entry. All contest winner selections and decisions of contest judges are final.
  10. Parents: by submitting an essay, you grant CYMnet permission to post your child's name, age, oseredok information, and essay on our web site.
  11. Questions? Write us at

    This site in Ukrainian

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