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Praktychnyj Tabir
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Praktychnyj Tabir, Ellenville, 2001

Praktychnyj tabir started Sunday afternoon at Stara Komanda. After the opening, all participants put on their pack and started the long walk down to the richka. At the richka we put up the tarps for our kitchen, unloaded all of our materials and put up our tents, all before dinner.

We quickly learned how to tie a few knots and how to properly use our camp tools. By the end of the first day of Tabir, we had already built a bridge across the stream, made stands for our lanterns, put up our flagpole and almost finished out gate.

Later that afternoon we learned several ways to start a fire. We did not realize that after we learned how to start a fire, we would have to do it several times a day in order to prepare for our meals.

Our first hike was to the Giants Workshop where we had to crawl over, under and through huge rocks! On the way back we were able to see people climbing the famous Shawangunk cliffs, and we finished out hike with a cold, but refreshing dip at the swimming hole.

All of the taborovyky learned important lessons in first aid throughout the tabir. We were all able to put together first aid kits for any emergencies that we might encounter.

Our second hike was to the recently re-opened Ice Caves. During the hike we put our new skills in map reading to use. We were able to triangulate our position using a map and a compass. We also confirmed that food tastes better on top of a mountain!

During the first week we had a war game where our tabir was divided into two teams. We had to avoid the other team while finding hidden treasures. No team found all of the treasures, but we got together at the end and shared our bounty for a well-deserved treat.

The second week started with a hike up Bonticou Crag. We did not believe we could make it all the way up the side of that cliff! But the view at the top was worth it.

Later that week, we crossed the river on a rope bridge and hiked up to the rappelling cliffs. We practiced a bit on the ground, and then climbed up for the long rappel down.

Towards the end of tabir, we visited the Plast tabir in East Chatham, NY. We spent some time with the Plastuny, learned about their tabir and played some interesting games. We finished the day hiding from the thunderstorms and singing songs under a big tent.

The last day of tabir came too soon. We had just gotten used to sleeping in our tents, taking few showers and eating lots of bugs. All tabory should be here by the richka!

Praktychnyj Tabir, Ellenville, 2002
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