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Plenum 2009
and 60th Anniversary Banquet in Chicago

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2009 is coming to an end and with it the 60th anniversary of CYM in the United States. Throughout the year, we have celebrated this anniversary in many ways; the most recent have been a banquet and zdvyh in Ellenville, New York and a Plenum in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to these events, CYM members came together once more to celebrate the 60th anniversary of CYM in America and the 60th anniversary of CYM in Chicago, in name of Mykola Pavlushko. These members and guests arrived at the Banquet that was held in the Ukrainian Cultural Center on November 14, in order to toast 60 great years and hopefully many more grand years to come.

Plenum 2009As Andriy Bihun took his place behind the podium in the auditorium of the CYM building in Chicago, Illinois, 78 delegates joined hands in welcome. Almost all the members of the Krayova Uprava were present, along with representatives of nearly every oseredok in America. Everyone listened tentatively as Andriy reported on the accomplishments of the K.U. since the last major gathering the previous year.

During the extensive meeting, the head of Vyhovna Rada, Mariya Polishchuk, presented the representatives with a list of discussions that would be held. The discussions centered around the starshe yunatstvo and how CYM can educate these up and coming members. The main points included present day Ukraine, how to convince sumivtsi to help their community, and Ukraines vast culture. The objective was to remind sumivtsi about the amazing things that they were slowly losing touch with.

Banquet - Chicago 60th - 2009In the second part of the day, Ihor Diachun presented a PowerPoint presentation on the Mandrivno-Praktychny summer camp that is to be held for the starshe yunatstvo during the summer of 2010. During the presentation, Ihor spoke about where the camp would be held and what activities campers would take part in. On Sunday, Lesya Harhaj and Yurij Symchyk spoke about Druzhynnyky. They described what had been accomplished by the dryzhynnyky throughout the year and what was planned for the following one. A discussion soon followed on the problems that were faced with the new generation of druzhynnyky. The arguments were centered around the schedule of future Vyshkil Tabirs and how to better prepare sumivtsi for their role as druzhynnyky.

Banquet - Chicago 60th - 2009One of the most important parts of the weekend was the Banquet that was held in celebration of the 60th anniversary of CYM in America and the 60th anniversary of CYM in Chicago. The Banquet was held in the halls of the Ukrainian Culture Center. Hosts Paul Kulas and Irene Owerko-Czerniuk greeted the audience and asked the head of the Oseredok, Yaroslava Abramiuk to step up and give a welcome speech. Then one of the most interesting and exciting parts of the night come about - the performance of the local sumivtsi. At first, the youngest children marched in and gave an outstanding performance. Older sumivtsi added to the stunning presentation by marching in after them, playing the drums and carrying flags.

Banquet - Chicago 60th - 2009

Banquet - Chicago 60th - 2009

As the applause died down from the previous performance of the sumivtsi, a representative from the Krayova Uprava stood up to say a few words. She announced all of the former chairmen of the Krayova Yprava. Knowing that not all of them were alive, there was a moment of silence when everyone gave their respects to the departed. After the moment of silence, Andrij Byhun head of Krayova Uprava, stood up to greet everyone. Banquet - Chicago 60th - 2009From the local Oseredok, Andrij Luczak-Glubisz then stood to give a speech. After the wonderful speech, more than 400 guests at the Banquet had a chance to view a video montage of the history of the Pavlushkova Oseredok which was produced by Roman Pylypczak and Stefan Pylypczak. During the dinner, the hosts presented the honored guests who had arrived at the Anniversary Banquet. Greetings from various Ukrainian organizations and from other individuals where read. Donations from the Executive Board of the Association of Defense of Women's Four Freedoms of Ukraine, the Foundation "Heritage" and the first Schadnychoho Federal Bank were given to the local Oseredok in name of Mykola Pavlushko. Roman Zavadovych, a member of PLAST, gave the Oseredok CYM Chicago a personal gift.

The ending of the 60th anniversary of CYM in America was something to celebrate with great honor, and the numerous ceremonies throughout the year did just that.

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