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This site in Ukrainian How can I be part of the VIth World Zlet?

VIth CYM World Zlet

Who? CYM members, ages 13 and older, may participate in the World Zlet
Where? In Ukraine
When? 16-25 August 2001
How? A journey starting in Lviv and culminating in the nation's capitol, Kyiv
Why? To come to know Ukraine, commemorate her 10th Anniversary of Statehood, to make new friends form around the world!

What are the details?
Zlet Emblem
  • Druzhynnyky, seniory and starshe yunatstvo (ages 13 and over - accompanied by a parent) may participate in the World Zlet.
  • Cost: $350 USD (if registration is received before February 28, 2001) or $450 USD (if registration is received after February 28. 2001).   Cost includes meals and lodging, transportation within Ukraine, and entry costs for events. Cost does not include airfare to and from Ukraine. Costs are in USD for participants from all countries except Ukraine. Costs for Ukrainian particapants are the equivalent in Hryvni. This offer is made to you by the CYM National Executive in your country!
  • Airfare: Transportation costs and arrangements are the responsibility of the participantare. National Executives in each country are working to help the participants from their countries find the lowest rates possible!

Zlet: The Itinerary

Want to know what to expect? Check out our Zlet Program and Itinerary page for a complete day-by-day listing. Besides a listing of cities you'll be visiting, the page also lists some of the planned
  • excursions
  • trips to historic sights
  • sightseeing
  • recreational events
  • other notable events that will take place throughout the Zlet.
  • Registration
    Here's what you need to do:
    1. Download the Zlet Registration Form.
    2. Fill out the form, sign it, then ask your oseredok's holova to fill out the recommendation section and sign it.
    3. Return the registration form along with a deposit of $100 USD, before February 28, 2001, to the CYM National Executive (Kraiova Uprava) in your country.
    Note: The Registration form is in PDF form -- you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to read and print it. Click on the following link if you need a FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Whom can I contact?
    Questions? Comments? As each National Executive provides contact information for the Zlet, that information will be published here:

    This site in Ukrainian

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