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Ellenville Oselia's
Summer Camps Ellenville, New York 2006

Welcome to Oselia CYM in Ellenville, New York! On this site, you'll find answers to your questions about summer camps at the Oselia. Check the summer calendar, download all the forms you'll need to register for camp, and get ready to have the time of your life!...

Latebreaking news, updates and new information about each camp will be posted on this site as it becomes available, so check back here often!

Important Updates!

  • To make our process fairer to children who are in an atypical school grade for their age, we've changed our requirements for several tabory, so that they now require children to have either completed a particular school grade, or be of a particular age on the first day of the tabir. See the chart for full details.

  • Velosypednyj Tabir will be co-locating with Sportovyj Tabir in Ellenville.

  • Praktychnyj Tabir will begin one day earlier than previously announced -- on Saturday, July 8th (you must be present by 3pm). We'll be traveling during the first week to New Hampshire's White Mountains. For a sneak peak at where we're headed, these three links
  • Discount - If your child attends more than two summer camps we now offer a 25% discount for subsequent camps!
  • Ages and grades - Please check age/grade requirements very carefully and note some changes this year!

Registration Forms    -    Contact Us

Camp Register by Begins Ends
Vyshkilnyj June 13 July 2 July 22
Praktychnyj June 2 July 8 July 22
Husenyata July 4 July 23 August 5
Sumenyata July 4 July 23 August 5
Perekhodovyj July 11 July 30 August 5
Vidpochynkovyj July 4 July 23 August 5
Velosypednyj July 1 August 5 August 12
Sportovyj July 18 August 6 August 19
Mystetskyj August 1 August 20 Sept. 2
If you use Google Calendar, search on "CYM" and you can view this year's tabory schedule on your own calendar!

Download Forms and Flyers


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