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This site in Ukrainian Kids love Sports at Oselia CYM
photo When 125 children came to the CYM Oselia for two weeks of sports camp, they thought they would practice drills, perfect their sports techniques, and improve as overall players. They never expected that they'd also do arts and crafts, practice their Ukrainian, go on an eight-mile hike, and make friendships that would last through many summers.

Under the leadership of commandant Anna Dashawetz, bunchuzhnyj Adrian Blanarovich, Holovna Vykhovnytsia (Head Educational Counselor) Oksana Dashawetz and pysar Nadia Dlaboha, the camp has flourished in countless ways. The instructors and counselors have emphasized many aspects of the CYM way of life, including teaching skills like cooperation and responsibility. At the same time, the 25 members of komanda have managed to make the campers' two-week stay a fun and exciting experience.

photo Soccer this year is, as always, is the most popular sport, drawing groups of 30 and 40 participants each week. Experienced head instructors Bohdan Kucyna and Mike Hlushko, with the help of junior coaches Stefan Frycz, Nadiya Kudryk, Tanya Wynarczuk, and Peter Kasyanenko have taught their young soccer players about teamwork and perseverance.

Basketball has managed to develop a loyal following due mostly to the sport's determined instructor Nicholas Zozula and his junior coach Walter Wyrsta.Volleyball, also a favorite sport at Oselia CYM, has attracted over 40 participants. Head instructor Oliana Ros, along with her junior coaches Taissa Tomaszewsky, Stefan Ros, and Stefan Shchur has developed a creative coaching style that keeps the sport fun while maintaining discipline.

photo The head instructor of swimming, Natalia Jackymec, has proven that training for her sport consists of more than just practicing laps. She and her junior coach Ulana Blaha were rewarded for their hard work when the number of kids in attendance doubled from the previous week.The head tennis instructor, Sammy Warycha, perhaps one of the most demanding of all our coaches, is also one of the most popular. He and junior coaches Markian Kolinsky and Alexandra Kuziw train their tennis players in endurance and fitness, as well as encouraging friendly competitions with nightly games.

Track and field, a new offering in camp this year, has been only a part time activity. However, thanks to the dedication of head instructor Katia Dolak and junior coach Roman Kebalo, many participants have asked that the sport be included full time next summer.

photo With the encouragement of this energetic staff lineup, the campers managed to excel in their sports despite the 90+ degree heat wave of the first week. As camp wound down, it seemed that most of the campers as well as the komanda will remember the fun and friendships of sports camp more than the hot weather.

This year, 125 campers, 25 komanda members and 2 weeks have added up to a wonderful experience that will hopefully be repeated for many summers to come.

by Oksana Dashawetz

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