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Oselia's Capital Fundraising Campaign

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Important News! The Capital Fundraising Campaign will be closing its books on December 31, 2012. Generous donations have continued to arrive even as we anounced the end of the Campaign, but we must officially end the Campaign as of 12/31/2012, so please make sure your donations arrive before that day to be included in the Campaign! Note that we will continue to accept contibutions to Oselia's Capital Fund even after the Campaign ends, but they will not be included in the Campaign's proceeds.

May 2011:   In the middle of May, 2011, excavation began for two new pavillions which will be built during the summer at our Oselia. One pavillion will be built in the tabir area, and will be available for use solely by tabory. The children's camps have, in recent years, rented a tent for those days when the weather is diagreeable, and used that tent as shelter from rain, ar shelter from intense heat. The new pavillion at tabir will be a huge improvement over the tent, and will also feature a cement floor, eliminating mud during rainy periods.

Another pavillion is being built upon the field in front of the Oselia's trybuna. This is a place where we plan to hold events for and by our children - concerts, camp performances, and other events, and alsonumerous events for visitors to the Oselia.

The Oselia's new pavllions are made possible by a generous gift of Self Reliance N.Y., Federal Credit Union, which in 2010 donated $85,000 specifically for this project. The plans for the pavillions subsequently were expanded to two pavillions, instead of one, and the original estimated cost has almost doubled. CYM appreciates all donations which will help to bridge the gap in these costs!

March 2011:   On Saturday, 19 March 2011 at the annual General Meeting of the SUMA Yonkers Federal Credit Union in Yonkers, New York, the President of the CYM National Executive presented the Board of Directors with a ceremonial plaque thanking the instution for its generous contribution of $100,000 toward the Fundraising Campaign of Ellenville. Mr. Bihun was accompanied by Bohdan Harhaj, former President of the National Executive.

The National Executive of CYM gratefully acknowledges this generous gift, and with its sincere thanks wishes SUMA Yonkers FCU a prosperous future and success in all of its endeavors.

On the phtograph (left to right): John Olijarczyk, Steven Kapitula, Lubomyr Shchur, Ihor Makarenko, Bohdan Harhaj, Andriy Bihun, Walter Kozicky, Andrew Horbachevsky, Andrij Burchak, Stephen Szulhan, Jaroslaw Kiciuk, Jr., Roman G. Kozicky. Photograph by Orest Kozicky.

February 2011:   On Sunday, 27 February 2011, at the annual General Meeting of the Ukrainian Federal Credit Union Self Reliance (NJ), the Credit Union generous donated the sum of twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000) to the Ellenville Fundraising Cmapaign. Bohdan Harhaj, former President of CYM's National Executive was on hand to accept this check and to thank the Board of Diretors of the Credit Union, along with Zenon Betley, head of the Ellenville Fundraising Campaign.

CYM's National Executive extends its thanks for this gift to Self Reliance (NJ) and wishes the Credit Union future success!

On the photograph (left to right): Roman Andrach, Jaroslaw Fedun, Michael Lewko, George Oliarnyk, Kenneth Wanio, Bohdan Harhaj, Zenon Betley, Stefan Zurawskyj.

January 2011:   The Trenton, New Jersey branch of the Ukrainian American Youth Asosciation (Yevhen Konovalets Branch) has generously donated one humdred thousand dollars ($100,000) to the Fundraising Campaign!

On January 13, 2011, a meeting of the branch's Uprava took place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Mykhailo and Daria Lashyn. The President of CYM's National Executive, Andriy Bihun, was present at the meeting, as well as former President Bohdan Harhaj. Participating in the meeting were also the President of the Trenton Branch, Mykhailo Dzubas; Secretary and Financial Officer Daria LAshyn; and Members of the Board Nadia Lytvyn, Mykhailo Lashyn and Volodymyr Lytvyn.

As the KY President, Andriy Bihun, accepted the donation check and expressed the gratitude of the National Executive and Board of Directors of the Oselya, he proudly acknowledged the dedication and years of work at the Branch, beginning with the Founders of the oseredok, and all of the leaders who have, over the years, contributed to the huge successes of the branch, not the least of which was the financial success that allowed the branch to make such a substantial and generaous donation to the Oselya.

CYM's National Executive and the Fundraising Committee would like to express their gratitude to all membes of CYM Trenton for this major contribution to our Fundraising efforts!

October, 2010:   Having completed the sewage treatment plant modernization, we are about to embark on the next Capital Project - a new roof on the building of our Great Hall, and the installation of new air handling units to bring heat and air conditioning to the Hall. The air handling units have been delivered, and are waiting to be installed, once the roof repairs are complete!

September, 2010:   We have received generous donations to help fund two specific projects from Oselia's Capital Project list:

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