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Building the Future!   Because We Care!
Oselia's Capital Fundraising Campaign

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Important News! The Capital Fundraising Campaign will be closing its books on December 31, 2012. Generous donations have continued to arrive even as we anounced the end of the Campaign, but we must officially end the Campaign as of 12/31/2012, so please make sure your donations arrive before that day to be included in the Campaign! Note that we will continue to accept contibutions to Oselia's Capital Fund even after the Campaign ends, but they will not be included in the Campaign's proceeds.

Our Oselia in Ellenville has begun an urgently needed multi-year Capital Repairs and Improvements Project!
How are we doing?
Donations and Pledges:
The goals of the Project are to:

...modernize, repair and bring to working order the facilities and major systems of Oselia’s infrastructure that are key to Oselia’s operations;

...improve the children’s camp and make the camp facility better able to support the needs of our children;

...improve our facilites so that we can host public and private events, to support a business model that will make Oselia financially viable as we move into the future.

Private support from members and our friends can make all the difference in making Oselia ready for our future. We are working to raise one million dollars for urgently needed capital improvements. Some of the major improvements include: a new pavillion for the children's camps, pool repair and renovation, new roof and heating/cooling units for the Grand Hall building, new boilers, refurbishing of sewage treatment plant, other new roofs, new road installation, drainage around the sports field, additional storage facilities, finishing of barrack basements in the camp, improved ventilation of the camp buildings, and numerous other improvements related to the children’s camp. These are just a sampling of the capital improvement plan that has been compiled based on estimates received.

These are hard times, but we hope that you will open your hearts and help Oselia Ellenville achieve its goals. Thank you for all your moral and financial support! Progress on reaching our financial goals will be posted here for you to see and follow.

Please be generous!

Make your donation by credit card:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover:

or through PayPal!

click here:

...or, fill out our
Donation or Pledge Card
which you'll find by clicking here.

Your donation can be sent to:

      Ukrainian American Youth Association
      Ellenville Fundraiser
      P.O. Box 256
      Campbell Hall, New York 10916

You can pledge a Campaign Contribution
   over a One- or Two-Year Period

  Total Annually Quarterly Monthly
Visionary $25,000
or more
$12,500 $3,125 $1,042
Founder $10,000 $5,000 $1,250 $417
Benefactor $5,000 $2,500 $625 $209
Supporter $2,500 $1,250 $313 $105
Member $1,000 $500 $125 $42

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