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September 1 and 2, 2001

2001 was another milestone in the history of the AUYA. This marked the 40th year from the date that the oselia in Baraboo, Wisconsin, was purchased and began having summer camps. The renovation of the "stodola" had been completed, the road replaced, and many other improvements had been made this year so that the "oselia" looked beautiful and ready to host the festivities.

Labor Day Weekend was chosen for the anniversary celebration. Podruha Jaroslawa Abramiuk headed the committee organizing this event. Many meetings and planning sessions had taken place leading up to the event and no detail was overlooked in the planning.

Festivities included a Karaoke on Friday under the stars. All who attending enjoyed singing the old camp favorites, and many were still humming those tunes into the morning. Saturday more guests began arriving, and the "oselia" was a buzz of activities. Pool games for young and old. Pictures which were hung up around the deck and garage brought laughter and fond memories of our old camp days. A slide presentation was running on a continuous basis under the Main tent after dinner. And what would any big event at the Oselia be, without a dance under the stars to the tunes of the band "Yavische".

On a beautiful sunny Sunday morning the bus arrived from Chicago and we began our celebration with a Divine Liturgy offered by Reverend Father Ivan Krotec. After mass was said, Dr. Paul Nadzikewicz, offered his thoughts and memories of Pavlo Hnatiw to whom the soccer field was being dedicated. There was a "Panachyda" offered to the memory of Mr. Hnatiw and the many members who were no longer with us, but had done so much to support the efforts and progress that the Oselia has made in the course of the 40 years of existence. Rev. Father Krotec then blessed and dedicated the soccer fields.

The Banquet took place shortly afterwards. The Master of Ceremonies was Myron Kulas, and the theme was "Oselia then and now". Dr. Julian Kulas presented the beginning history of the purchase and the early years of operation at the oselia. Stephan Pylypczak then presented, with narration, a montage of slides that depicted our past, present, and future. This was a truly touching and stirring presentation to commemorate all that has transpired in our history. In many cases two and three generations sitting at the same table were wiping away tears from their eyes, remembering those days gone by and looking at their children and grandchildren as they begin their days of tabory and making new memories in the next 40 years. The vocal ensemble "Vinok" sang their repertoire of songs which brought on a standing ovation from the guests. There were greetings and donations presented from several organizations: WADFFU Oksana Meshko branch given by Mrs. Olha Fedak, ODFFU 8th branch given by Mr. Ivan Pawlyk, the First Security Federal Savings bank given by Dr. Julian Kulas.There was also a greeting from the General Consul of Ukraine, Borys Bazalevskyj. .

This weekend was a wonderful opportunity for seeing old friends and remembering all the wonderful years that we have had being part of AUYA and camps at the "oselia". Truly, we all owe a great debt to those men and women who saw this oselia and the similarities of the terrain they left behind in Ukraine. Their dedication and hard work has left us all a legacy. This legacy will stay with us and continue to be passed on to the next generation of "sumivtsi" that will come to love our Oselia as they did.

written by M. Hulyk-Pylypowycz

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