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Zdvyh Sports Recap
by Christina Jancew

This years' Zdvyh weekend was packed with events that took place on Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, September 1st. The schedule included the Annual Volleyball tournament on Saturday, and the "1st Team Soccer Game" as well as the "3rd Annual Old Boys Soccer Game" on Sunday. It was a good thing that the weather held up before the storm that the weathermen were predicting. All who participated enjoyed the competition against other CYMivtsi and commented on how much fun they had.

Zdvyh Volleyball Tournament:
This years Volleyball tournament had 6 teams registered, which was a pleasant growth from last years turn out. CYM Binghamton & CYM Boston combined efforts again as they did last year giving them a leading edge over CYM Hartford in the finals defeating CYM Hartford in a best of 3 game match. CYM Binghamton/CYM Boston defeated CYM Hartford 2-1. In the match for 3rd place, Team Canada defeated the combined efforts of CYM Philadelphia/CYM NYC 2-1 as well.

The standings for the tournament and games were as follows:

1st Place - CYM Binghamton/CYM Boston
2nd Place - CYM Hartford
3rd Place - Team Canada (Hamilton, St. Catharines & Toronto)
Most Valuable Player - Roman Czebiniak from CYM Binghamton

also participated: - CYM Philadelphia/CYM NYC - CYM Binghamton (2) - CYM Yonkers

1st Team Soccer Game:
After a year absence, Chornomorska Sitch returned to play against Yonkers Krylati in the annual 1st Team Soccer Game. With the weather holding up and with the dynamic style of the Krylati team, Krylati went full force in defeated Sitch, 3-0.

3rd Annual Old Boys Soccer Game:
This game is becoming more of a spectators tradition rather than a players tradition. Men ages 25 and older participated in this game. Many returned for a 3rd year and others were new comers to this fun event. Considering that this game is mostly just for fun and allows everyone to have a good time, the determination of scoring was still there. In the end the score of this game was

Congratulations to all who participated!

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