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5th Annual CYM Co-Ed Quads Volleyball Tournament
A Popular Tradition Continues...

by Christina Jancew Iwanik - tournament organizer
photos by Taras Hnatyshyn

The 5th Annual Co-Ed Quads Volleyball Tournament sponsored by the the Ukrainian American Youth Association was held on Saturday, August 9th at Oselia CYM in Ellenville, New York.

9 teams had registered and played. This tournament has been become a popular tradition which has drawn competitors from as far away as Ukraine and Singapore. This has remained a traditionally all-Ukrainian tournament open only to individuals of Ukrainian descent which has drawn teams not only consisting of CYM members but has also drawn compatriots from Plast and from teams based at Ukrainian parishes. Each of the nine teams that registered this year consisted of 4 players - with at least one female on each. Players ranged from 16 to 42 years of age.

The tournament was again organized by Christina Jancew Iwanik with the help of Christopher Iwanik and Vasyl Jancew, Jr.

A special tribute is extended to Mark Howansky and Peter Zelez who provided portable nets and to he administration of Oselia CYM under the leadership of Peter Kosciolek for their hospitality.

The following teams competed:

  1. Team Asbach from New York City, NY & Maryland Area
  2. Team Czebiniak from Binghamton, NY
  3. Team Kabany from Hartford, CT
  4. Team Kowalczyk from Yonkers, NY
  5. Team Shnur from Hartford, CT
  6. Team Soroka from New York City, NY & UKRAINE
  7. Team Taissa from Yonkers, NY & SINGAPORE
  8. Team Warycha from Yonkers, NY
  9. Team Zoloti Zuby from Yonkers, NY & Binghamton, NY
The winners and MVPs of the tournament were:
  • 1st Place - Team Czebiniak
    (Oles Czebiniak, Orysia Czebiniak, Paul Czebiniak & Chris Madak)
  • 2nd Place - Team Zoloti Zuby
    (Adrian Czebiniak, Andrij Czebiniak, Oksana Czebiniak & Sammy Warycha)
  • 3rd Place - Team Asbach
    (Oleksa Breslawec, Ivan Kaczur, George Mykytyn & Lida Mykytyn)
  • Most Valuable Players - Orysia Czebiniak & Sammy Warycha
The $750.00 in registrations was donated to help fund daily activities at the non-profit Oselia resort.

The tradition will continue next year with the 6th Annual Co-Ed Quads Volleyball tournament to be held in either mid to late July or early August. For more information on next year's tournament and other events, go to This site is updated frequently as events come to fruition.

Congratulations to all who participated! See you next year.

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