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3rd Annual Co-Ed Quad Volleyball Tournament

by Christina Jancew

On Saturday, August 10th at Oselia CYM in Ellenville, New York, the 3rd Annual Co-Ed Quad Volleyball Tournament was held with 11 teams present. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was filled with cheers and the sportsmanship was gentlemen like. (Or womanlike, considering that the woman played at an impeccable level!!)

This years' registered teams were: Family Matters from Binghamton, NY, Jack-O-Lanterns from Philadelphia, PA, Smaruij from Buffalo, NY, Team Dlaboha from New York City, NY, Team Sammy from Yonkers, NY, Team Howansky from Yonkers, NY, Team Shnur from Hartford, CT, Team Slawch from Yonkers, NY, The Volley-Lama from Binghamton, NY, Top Gun from Boston, MA and What Exit? from Passaic & Pennington, New Jersey.

The competition this year was at a caliber that exceeded the years prior, with one player/spectator Jay Palylyk commenting that "This is the best volleyball I've seen in years!". And it was. The level of play this year was intense and left everyone with a sense of accomplishment and exhaustion. Every player out there during regular play and during the Semi Finals squeezed every ounce of energy they had in their bodies. The finals saw 4 teams and what a grudge match it was. Family Matters against Jack-O-Lanterns playing for 3rd place and Team Shnur against The Volley-Lama for 1st place. This had to be the most intense volleyball to be played all day. Team Shnur defeated The Volley-Lama 2 games straight as well as Family Matters against Jack-O-Lanterns. In the end, Both CYMivtsi and Non-CYMivtsi who played enjoyed themselves and guaranteed that they would be back next year. Some just to return for fun and some to defend their titles.

The winners of the tournament were:

1st Place - Team Shnur - (Andrian Kebalo, Mike MacAllister, Helen Perun & Myron Zastawsky)
2nd Place - The Volley-Lama - (Oles Czebiniak, Orysia Czebiniak, Paul Czebiniak & Roman Czebiniak)
3rd Place - Family Matters - (Dan Czebiniak, Eric Czebiniak, Matt Czebiniak, Oksana Czebiniak)

Most Valuable Players: Helen Perun & Mike MacAllister

(As you can see, the Czebiniak's are an extended family of SERIOUS volleyball players!!)

Much thanks was given to the hard working chefs of the ever so scrumptious BBQ that was provided to the players and also thanks was given to the Administration of Oselia for their cooperation.

All who participated should be congratulated for a tournament well played. See you next year!

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